The Epic of gilgamesh

This painting by Winslow Homer depicts the troubles to come ahead after Gilgamesh kills Humbaba. On page 47 it states " They bound together a raft, they laid [the cedar on it.] Enkidu was helmsman ......... ,and Gilgamesh [carried] the head of Humbaba". The title of the painting also foreshadows of what is about to come in the near future.The fog is a warning for Enkidu's death and the change of events to come. In fact the next day Enkidu was ill and die right after. After that Gilgamesh went on a journey to find immortality but he did not receive it.
This painting depicts Enkidu on his death bed. The dark and dull colors of it represent the sadness of Gilgamesh. The color white shows the little hope that Gilgamesh still has. With the little hint of hope Gilgamesh sets out to find immortality. However, before he leaves he mourns for his friend Enkidu. Gilgamesh states on page 66, "'[I shall lay you out on a magnificent bed,][I shall lay you out] on a bed [of honour.] I shall place you [on my left, on a seat of repose;] the rulers of the underworld [will all kiss your feet.] 'The people [of Uruk] I shall have mourn [and lament you,] the thriving people [I shall fill full of woe for you.] After you are gone [my hair will be matted in mourning,] clad in the skin of [a lion I shall wander] the wild'".
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