Angels In The field

This gallery is gonna show you remarkable art of nature and of angels and events.  By William Olah

This beautiful painting was made by Leonardo Da Vinci. It was made from 1470-1475. This piece shows Jesus Christ being baptized and the nature setting in the background is very well done.
This painting shows the angel Gabriel being sent down by god, to inform Mary she will conceive and give birth to Jesus. I chose this painting do to its huge religious importance. The detail and depth in this painting is very strong and shows amazing technique.
The nature of this battle of angels is of horror and pure destruction. It shows an epic battle between two different groups of angels. The image here is powerful and the little details of the battle are incredible.
The angel appears to be the child's guardian angel. The setting is on of peace and the child appears to be lost in the woods. The angel appears to be guiding the baby back home.
Jacob appears to receive help from an angel. I love the dusky background in this piece. Its hard to tell the type of setting weather its the moon or sun, but it still shows good depth and perspective in this piece.
I chose this piece because it was a different way to look at nature. This women, who is supposed to be nature, is reveling herself to science. Nature still remains one of the big subjects in science.
This shows dead birds that have appeared to be shot by the weapons that have been left there. This piece shows how nature is affected by war as well as people. You see a guard dog and cupid in this powerful piece as well.
This piece shows a viaduct, which at the time was one of the biggest American engineering creations of its time. You see two people relaxing in this beautiful nature setting in late fall I'm assuming. The details and perspective in this piece is incredible and very relaxing to look at.
This beautiful painting shows us a traditional house in the land. The details and shadow really show off the peaceful nature of the setting. The tiny details in the clothesline with the clothes and nature really take you back to a simpler time.
This is a newer piece produced in 2003. This shows the harmony and balance in nature. It shows us the different types of settings in nature. I love this piece because it really hits home the different types of environments that nature offers us humans.
Credits: All media
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