Color Emotion

The way a painter uses a variety of color to convey an emotion to the viewer.

The colors used in this painting give off a calm and smooth feeling. How the different shades of blue are used along with the brush strokes in a wavy way to me portray a calm setting.
The red and orange in this painting give an alarming and freighting feeling.
I chose this painting because the artist chose to you dark and a contrast in dark colors to give an emotion that the riders in the painting are possibly angry
The pink and yellow colors in the painting give an eye catching emotion of happiness. The painter was not afraid to use bright and illusive colors.
This painting shows some realism colors. The painter wanted to capture the moment in the painting with natural colors in a bright way.
In the painting the colors used give a scary feeling. The use of the yellow, and the shallow green give a monstrous feeling to the painting.
I chose this painting because the variety is bright and entertaining colors used in this painting. I think the pinkish/purplish color used for the shadow of the trees give a unique setting to the picture.
The colors in this painting display a stale and bland emotion. I believe the painter wanted to show things in a simple way.
What stood out to me the most in this painting was the use of the orange on the top right. Its showing a contrast of what the sun possibly sets in the afternoon time. Calm and stormy painting.
The contrast of colors in the painting is great. The use of the blue and yellow I believe because of their contrast, it visually give a bright and kind of exciting emotion in the setting of the painting
I chose this painting because of the juxtapose use of colors. This painting looks as if its a piece of sweater. The painter used in my own meaning 'fun' colors.
The use of pink throughout the whole painting even in the white snow gives an emotion of ease. Its very calm and relaxed painting. This painting suggest its a christmas time setting.
This is probably one of my favorite pairing I chose. The use of the black and red, and purple give an exciting and outgoing mood to the painting.
I chose this painting because of the black and and white in this painting. The shadows used within these colors e believe give an even more of a drama emotion than the actual color of black and white.
This painting have a big variety use of colors. What stand out to me was the orange/red colors. Even though its minimal its giving the painting a kind of happy emotion.
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