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Talk about a classic, Genesis contains some of the oldest tales known to man. The books unique style grabs the reader’s attention from the start. With no one even knowing how many people took part in writing this book, Genesis allows for its readers to pick up on and interpret its many different styles. Some sentences even jump from one style to another midway through! Of course the varying writing styles are not they only interesting part of this book, the many thought provoking stories is the real reason to give Genesis a shot. Follow Adam and Eve, the lovers that cannot overcome their temptations in paradise. Also, see how Abraham manages to deal with the wrath of God. These are stories with profound meanings, so prepare to plunge yourself into the two time book of the millennium award winner, Genesis. “Destruction, sin, greed, mercy, and forgiveness - the stories of Genesis will stick with you for a lifetime.” – The TIMES "Although I myself am not a believer in God, It is great to see so many characters in one book having something so significant to live for." – Albert Camus
“Rule number six: everybody should have a car. Rule number seven: All maids should eat at the table with the others. Rule number eight: No old person should have to suffer.” Marjane Satrapi grew up in revolutionary Iran. In America it is very easy to find a book about Iran, but they almost always seem to be written by someone who has never even visited there before, let alone grown up there. Compared to those books, Persepolis is completely eye-opening and provides Americans with a much needed first person perspective on the lives of those living in Iran. Persepolis takes its reader through a very unique and personal journey of the admirable Marjane Satrapi. Follow her as she tries to make sense of a war stricken Iran from her childhood all the way through young adulthood. Marjane could not have been more open about her life in this outstanding story, and it is obvious that there is nothing she tries to hide from her reader. “The distinctive cartoon style Marjane chose to write Persepolis in really helps to encompass the reader and paint the picture she was trying to get across.” – The TIMES “It is amazing to see how similar we can be to people that we foolishly believe to have nothing in common with.” – The TIMES
“All we know is fake fodder and buying s***.” These words spoken by Bing pretty much sums up with how happy he is with his surroundings in 15 Million Merits. Forced to earn merits by pedaling on a bike to generate energy for an unknown purpose all day long, Bing longs for some sort of meaning in his life. Surprisingly, he seems to be the only one bothered by the way things are going on in this unpleasant way of living. Is a lifestyle like this really unattractive though? Or is it subjective in that if you do not know any better, you will not want anything better? During 15 Million Merits you will surely be asking yourself all sorts of thought provoking questions like these. At points it is almost creepy with how certain characters in this movie mirror those in our own actual lives. This is no accident either. It is clear that 15 Million Merits is speaking to its audience and asking them are they really satisfied with how things are being run in this world? At first, it appears our lives have nothing in common with Bings. It does not take long to realize, however, that in an eerie way they actually do. “Fantastic story on Bing not being content with his life and finding something meaningful for himself to be passionate about.” – Albert Camus “So thought provoking! If any episode of Black Mirror needs a sequel, it is this one.” The Wall Street Journal
The mind is a wonderful thing. Sometimes though, it can be deceiving. Other times it might as well not even be there because it simply will not help us remember something we desperately want it to. This is Ari’s big problem in Waltz with Bashir. After experiencing the traumatic effects that war often has on soldiers, Ari found that once he was finished in the army it would be best if he pushed those graphic and painful memories aside. After not thinking about that portion of his life for decades, however, Ari realizes that all that is left in his mind relating to his time as a soldier is a reoccurring nightmare that consists of him being chased by a pack of deadly canines. Join Ari as he tries to recollect his memories of the war by speaking with old friends. To Ari however bad the memories were, it is much worse to have that big of a portion of your life completely blank in your mind. “The transition from the cartoon style of the movie to the real life footage at the very end is strikingly dark, but a brilliant decision to really get to the audience.” – USA Today “I do not understand why Ari is so obsessed with the past! Although, since no one can remember the past with 100% accuracy, I do believe that this film was a good exercise for him to remember things as he wants to remember them.” - Friedrich Nietzsche
The mighty and power hungry Gilgamesh and the innocent and pure Enkidu are a perfect balance for one another. This duo is inseparable from practically the moment they met. This does not come as much of a surprise though, as seeing that Enkidu was created from the earth’s mud by the gods to match up with the one-third human and two-thirds god that is the great Gilgamesh. The Epic of Gilgamesh is one that has been told for ages, and with good reason. Travel with Gilgamesh and Enkidu on a journey you will never forget, as they voyage into the Cedar Forest to destroy the half demon and half ogre Humbaba. This, however, is just the beginning of a much longer and more difficult journey that Gilgamesh must venture on his own. One that is filled with heartbreak, triumphs, and most importantly acceptance. “If you enjoy reading Genesis, give this one a shot too!” – Minneapolis Star Tribune “A must read for any fans of adventure. Truly an all-time great that will continue to live on for centuries to come.” – The Washington Post
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