Gallery of line: Sophokle krongo 

This is a Gallery of art work. Not just lines these art work has mean and the power of lines to show feeling and more to and others. Welcome to Sophokle Krongo Gallery be safe and most important have FUN!!

This type of artwork has all good types of lines all over the place. It uses diagonal lines also curved lines. Not just that but also thin lines. All these lines are towards the dragon.
This kind of sad looking art work use thick and dark lines. Not just that but also diagonal lines and contours lines for the face and the main detal that is happen to him.
This art work is nice and natural nothing not to fansy is here. This artwork is using horizontal lines. These lines are towards the box to show the size and there is also thick lines as well.
This art work is a good example of vertical lines. THe box and the place it is on as vertical lines all over it. IT gives that type of texture and that differnt felling towards it.
This artwork use lots of lines. For the first it focused on the city but manily of the sky which the sky had curved lines alss thin and thick lines. This art work as lots of fell and mood towards it.
Well this artwork does not use to much diffrent types of lines. This artwork is nice and calm. THe types of line it use is thin and skin for the flower part and dark black for the center and it focus.
This art work looks nice cause of the types of lines it is used. This artwork as texture line with sparse lines as well. With this texture its give the mode and touch of the place until its all shown.
This is one of my fav art work. Well for the art work it use curved lines and implied lines not just that it use focused towards the person in the middle.
This art work is not like no other it has high value. Well not just that but this art work is used all types of line. This art work is showing the center and the most important thing there.
This art work uses horizontal lines. Also the first thing I saw was the house and what was n top so it use focused lines as well. This is why this was picked
This art work was chosen because it use curved and diagonal lines. These line are used to show the animal and it way of life.
Well as I was looking around and I saw this painting the first thing that my eye caught was the water fountain. The type of lines it used was thin and focused lines.
Well I picked this art work because the use of the lines and the color it put most focus on the boat. Not just that but the wavy and curvy lines that are use.
Credits: All media
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