Greek Gods

By: K. Longstaff

This is Apollo. He is pictured here with a bow and arrow. His lyre can be seen next to him. Apollo is the god of music, truth, and prophecy. He slew Python, the serpent of darkness, who guarded the temple at Delphi. He represents the sun overcoming darkness. Apollo plays the lyre to show that he is the god of music and the arts. He is next top his father Jupiter and opposite his twin sister Diana.
Artemis is wearing a long garment. The quiver strap which runs diagonally allow her identification as the goddess of the hunt. She was a nurturer and protector
Zeus was the ruler of the sky and the earth. Regarded by the Greeks as the god of all natural phenomena on the sky. He unleashes his bolt of lightning in this piece with his raised arm to carry out his divine will. The forward movement evoke the power and dignity of this god.
Athena is the greek god of reason, intelligent activity, arts, and literature.The legs arms and parts of the garment are missing.
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