This is a project gallery of animals, both in nature, and in violent massacres. I chose this specific theme because I wanted to see how artists depicted animals in their paintings. Some paintings will be an animal(s) in nature, and animals eating their prey.

This is a painting of a turtle surfing a wave. It represents how it surfs smoothy around the tall wave, no matter how hard the wave tries to knock him over. The turtle won't give up no matter what. the turtle can survive throughout many hardships, but he will survive and prosper in the end.
This painting is of a zebra in the woods. It is sad because he is all alone, instead of in his herd like other zebra. They usually travel together, but this one is all alone. He represents all of the outcasts in the world. All alone with no one to look after him, when all he wants is for someone to play with. Just somebody to gallop with. Instead, he is alone.
This is a painting of flamingos. I chose this because Flamingos are pink It is a mysterious painting because we don't know where the flamingos are. They are in a crowd, so they have each other to look after. they are not alone, but together.
This painting is about ferrets I chose it because the ferret is one of my favorite animals. It is a sketch of ferrets it is sad because the ferret is struggling.
A weasel that is very cute and is on a tree branch I chose it because I love weasels It is a painting with very fine pencil marks It is heartwarming because the weasel is cute
It is pencil with many brush strokes. I chose it because i like peacocks because they live near me. It is very descriptive and shows all of the natural colors of the male peacock.
This painting is of a mouse and he is crawling through the pipes of Australia, and does what he has to do to survive. He has to crawl through the foul stench of the sewers just to get tiny scraps of food. As you can see, he is in a small, green room that has pipes, possibly a shower. He is all alone, lurking to find some food.
This painting is a painting of a unicorn sculpture, a mythical creature. He is galloping for whatever he is looking for, and is old, because of his features. He has had a long life, and has a large mane, tail, and beard. he is possibly alone, possibly with other unicorns.
This painting is about a group of monkeys that are seeing something coming toward them. Maybe an enemy, and maybe a fellow monkey. It is fall, because there are a lot of leaves, and there are probably some trees overhead because of the leaves.
This is a painting of a porcupine all alone, aware of his surroundings, ready to strike anyone who comes in his path. He is ready to pounce on any one who stands him **, and if any one tries to attack him, they will very soon regret it because they will be pricked by many spikes.
This is a portrait of Catherine II, Empress of Russia. As you can see, she has her dog at her side. Her palace is right behind her with swans inside the barn. The dog seems to be wondering whats happening. It sees that the painter is in front of him and that his owner is right beside him.
This is made out of paint strokes. I chose this painting because it represents a lion devouring a horse. As you can see, there is an evil spirit lurking in the background. The lion is viciously attacking the horse in a violent manner. You can see the horse struggling and trying to get away from the lion, but obviously, the lion is much too strong.
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