Shedding Light                   by Josh giacobello

This art gallery shows examples of how artists use light emphasis in historical and biblical themed works. 

In this image St. Catherine is depicted as an angel with her halo reflecting off the back wall. The wheel and sword that represent her death are illuminated in her image. The wheel is pictured broken with shadow used because it is in the background and under her light. The sword that was used to chop of her head for believing in God is placed illuminated in her hands.
In this image we see Abraham sacrificing his only son Isaac because he was told to by God. The Angel grabs Abrahams hand and brings light into the picture. Light is then placed into the scene capturing Abraham, Isaac, the dagger, and the pig. These all represent signs from God telling Abraham this was a test of his faith.
In this portrait of Peter in a jail cell with keys by his side, light is coming down in a beam from the Heavens. The light is being used to represent the angel that came to save Peter and lead him out of the city he was being held captive in.
This image is a portrait with Jesus showing the people who believed in him and God that they would never truly die. The light is coming down from the sky and being shone on Lazarus sister. The light coming down from the sky is used to represent people finally seeing the proof that God exists.
In this image light comes into a cave and illuminates the figure known as Samson being stabbed in the eyes by a soldier. His foot is in the air and pointing to the woman running from the cave, she cut off his hair because she found out it was the source of his power.
This portrait tells the story of a great king named Solomon. Light is being focused on the alive baby in the mothers arms and the dead baby being sniffed by the dog on the floor. The light is coming from king Solomons hand as he urges the man to cease from killing the child.
This image is encompassing a story based on the Prodigal Son and the Father. Light is being used to express the image of the Father and the Prodigal Son in the center of the painting. The light comes down on them illuminating the fact that the father is dressed in a cloak and looks well while the son looks tattered, dirty, and poor.
Illustrated in this picture is the beginning of the death of Christ. Light comes down from the ceiling illuminating the pain that Christ is in as two guys force a crown of thorns into his head. The light is mainly capturing the two guys while an official stands with his back shimmering with light as Christ dies for the sins of his people.
Light in this painting is used mostly for esthetic as is comes in from the west side of the painting. Two hunters stand illuminated in what seems to be an alley as they head towards the hunt. In the background a little girl plays with a smile on her face illuminated by the light and celebrating in joy of the food the hunters will bring home.
This is an image of St John the Baptists sitting among grape leaves. The light comes from the top of the painting illuminating the figure of St. John in what seems to be a melancholy act of sitting. He holds his staff in his had, illuminated by the shadow of light as well as the lambskin on his naked lap.
Credits: All media
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