gallrey of lines:justin morales

lines aren't just straight lines on a paper. Also just big fat lines or skinny ones as well. they'er also art in which can be shown in the slid show. Lines can make up beautiful things and images that no one ever might of not thought of. 

There's all kinds of lines going in every type of driction(vertical lines, horizontal lines,diagonal lines).Also have thick and thin lines that make up most the picture and frame of the image.
This image also has the same thing in common like the first image that was shown.The thickness and shading of the image gives it more of a realist picture that keeps the moment of a real piece of turf
In the image that is shown has lines that are vertical. The thickness of the field isnt that well because you cant see the small pieces that are supposed to be alone.
The image that is being shown has drak lines, the lines are a lot closer than what we think it is.
The drawing of new york city has more lines than anything. some of the lines are darker,lighter,more together, and far part.
the lines are some wavey, some vertical and some are more lighter than others. the space between the lines make up the image. it's all made up noting but lines which is hard to do than what you think.
The fur of the rat is made up of lines to show the realistic of the fur which is KOOL! the lines are darker and lighter as you go up it gets darker and if you go down it gets lighter.
The image is more of example of wavy lines. the lines are made up of color too.
the picture shows streets and thats where the lines are at. the lines are big spcaed out and colorless.
in this image the main picture of it is about how lines can make up a image. the waves make the sky the waves make up more of the sky and the lands of fields. the houses that are on the bottom are made up of vertical lines.
the image is made up of shape but the shapes are made up and maked by lines(vertical lines). there are also hroizontal lines, and other ones as well.
diagonal lines are making up the man in this picture. the diagonal lines aren't wavy but straght as well.
this is my personal picture that i love. in the top left corner of the image is a small biulding that is vertical. In the waves of the sand that is being blown in one diraction are wavy and curved
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