Communication lines 

How lines give us a sense of purpose, direction, and feeling - Annie Buell

The implied lines from the three women draw us to the central conflict occurring in the painting.
A plethora of vertical lines lets the viewers understand that the wedding if most likely for two people of strength, authority, and nobility.
The upright vertical lines combined with the horizontal lines create a mixed feeling of reverence and peace that comes from religion and spirituality.
We automatically get a sense of nobility and authority based on the directional, upright line of the changing screen and the posture of the princess.
Directional, implied, and diagonal lines draw our attention to the conversation happening in the center to lower right hand corner. Possibly to the mysterious man whose back is to the viewer.
Many conflicting lines. Horizontal, directional lines draw our eyes to the body of water creating a peaceful feeling of a Sunday afternoon. But upright, vertical lines instill a feeling of status.
Vertical lines communicate an awe and religious reverence inside the cathedral, while darker, contrasting, diagonal lines could represent spiritual highs and lows that humans experience.
Vertical lines of the trees instill a sense of stability in nature and draw our sight to the central forest. The up and down lines of the houses suggest an active and hard-working village.
Credits: All media
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