The creatures among us

Paintings representing Mythological Creatures using color and texture.

This is a painting of a Vampire, also a mythological creature that doesn't always come to mind first but is one thats been around for a long time. The colors of this painting are gorgeous, they all seem to flow together with one another. The Vampire is bent over a man that we can assume is being fed off of. Her red seems to flow around him and they almost become one. To me her hair also seems to flow like blood around the man. The dark shadow around the couple seems to bring them more together in the darkness.
This painting depicts the famous mythological battle between Hercules and the Hydra. This was one of Hercules many trials which he had to endure. The Hydra is depicted as very dark and evil as most mythological creatures were. Hercules however is colored very brightly and he looks like a powerful man. As you can also see he is wearing the head of the Lion in which he slayed in a previous trial. The Hydra has a neat lizard like texture on its belly. I also find the water in the background interesting, it either implies that the two are a great distance away or that they are both that much larger than the water.
This is a fresco painting that depicts the god Pluto accompanied by Cerberus which is a mythological three-headed dog. I like the gold color that surrounds Pluto and draws attention to his riches and glory. The dog himself seems small in comparison to what you might imagine but then again he is next to a God. One thing I find interesting is that all three of the heads are doing something different so its strange to think that all three heads have their own mind and thoughts but the body moves as a unit.
This painting didn't have any info on it except for its location. I believe it to be a painting but then again i'm not completely sure of that. I thought this painting was very interesting because a Unicorn is not a really thought of creature when people think of Mythical Creatures but it is one none the less. The painting has a very bright but matte look to it at the same time. The colors are very vibrant and the texture on the trees looks amazing. Its kind of a different way to look at some of the less thought of mythological creatures.
This painting is a depiction of the battle between St. George and a Dragon. I have seen many variations of this battle but I find this one the most interesting. This painting uses a clear interpretation of good vs. evil. The Dragon is dark and looks spiky with bat like wings, while St. George is in rounded shiny armor accompanied by his bright white horse and the light blue princess who is he saving from being sacrificed. Then there is God who is depicted at the top of the painting overlooking the battle.
This paintings description is completely in a different language so I will be analyzing it without background. This is a painting of a women on the back of Pegasus, which is a magical, flying horse. This painting looks amazing because of its splash of many different colors, its a painting that definitely stands out. The area around Pegasus would make it seem as if the woman riding is in some sort of trance of happiness. Like she is in another world. The colors seem to add to the glory of Pegasus and make it a very beautiful painting.
I think that this painting is very interesting in a few ways. It depicts what we believe to be a sailor who is being lured out into the water by a Siren. Sirens were known for luring sailors with their beauty only to lead them to death. This painting shows a sailor who seems to be trying to help what he thinks is a woman floating in the water. Little does he know he will soon be dragged down into the water. I like how the painter depicted the Siren as glowing to show her beauty and attractiveness, and how the water around them is very dark and deep and looks like an abyss.
This painting depicts a Minotaur which is half bull and half man. The Minotaur was in Greek Mythology and was only know to have been appeased by the annual sacrificing of virgins. The Minotaur is shown to be staring out into the ocean eager to meet his new prey, he is also holding a dead bird in his left hand which is supposed to depict the innocence of youth which is crushed by him. I like this painting because I feel as if there are lots of different ways to interpret it, like maybe instead of awaiting his prey he's staring into open water longing to some day be free, and the bird represents him and how he has been held and crushed by a ruler.
This painting depicts a battle between the Lapiths and Centaurs. The story is that the Centaurs were ordered to abduct the bride of a wedding in which they were invited. The reasoning being that the king of the Lapiths made the mistake of excluding Mars, the Roman God of war, from his wedding ceremony. To make revenge he had the centaurs come to the wedding and start a battle. I like how in this painting there are certain parts where the color stands out to in order to drag your attention to it. Like the bright white shining on the Centaur at the bottom of a pile dead. Also the bright spot in the back right showing where the ceremony was most likely held.
This image is an oil painting depicting hercules carrying his wife after having to kill a centaur who deceived him into believing he would help his wife across a roaring river. After Hercules discovered his true motives, that he wanted to abduct her, he killed him. In the bottom left corner you can see the mythical creature called a Centaur lying dead on the ground. His body, unlike others, is very pale and lifeless. The artist used color in this way so that the viewer can visually understand the difference.
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