Fun in the Sun

"Fun in the Sun" consists of artworks that all have a similar beach theme. Since it is summer time, I thought it was very appropriate to have such a theme. I am sure we all wish we were at this particular landscape right now, I know I do! Within a beach scene, many different emotions can come into play. These emotions are prevalent in all of the artworks that I have brought together. Relax and enjoy!

The main emotion coming from this artwork is without a doubt peaceful. One can visualize walking along the beach carelessly taking to a loved one of theirs, receiving a feeling of relaxation. The color scheme also adds to the peace of this artwork since it is so soft. 
Edelfelt captured a scene that captures a joyful scene which is very familiar. I know when I sit on the beach, it is entertaining to watch young children play in the water and sand. Their meaner and manner is so playful and carefree. In this painting however, the calmness and interest that is shown by the young boys is captivating. They all seem to be very calm and enjoying the beach as they play on the stones and in the water.
Tanner's artwork portrays a scene people dream of, which is a beautiful beach scenery with a sunrise in the background. The vivid bright colors in the background, allows for a warm and peaceful feel. I can imagine sitting on those sand banks gazing out at the sun rising over the calm water. Can you?
There are a wide range of activities one can partake in while at the beach. "Australian beach pattern" portrays most, if not all of these fun activities. People of all different ages are shown doing many different things. Some are relaxing on the sand and water, while others are actively playing with a beach ball. The coming and going of the people in this artwork shows the hectic, yet relaxing side of the beach. Young children are excited to take over the beach and adults seem to be enjoying themselves in whatever they are partaking in. 
Heade's painting is portraying the calm before a storm. The dark and gloomy sky hovering over the fasting moving waves that seen to be increasing in size and strength. There are boats in the background, giving an illusion of depth, but no people can be seen on the beach. Even though the beach scene is quite dark since a storm looks to be coming in, the scene has a serene feel to it. 
The abstract approach to a beach scene by Prendergast is providing a neutral feel. A group of people dressed in heavy dresses and clothes, from the 1800s-early 1900's, are shown conversing and enjoying the calm, beautiful beach. The vivid colors and unique brushstrokes give off a pleasant feel, making a viewers want to jump into the artwork and relax themselves.
Credits: All media
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