1. The painting shows Sardanapalus about to kill himself, but first his officers have to destroy all his favorite things while he is there such as his wives, pages, and his horses and dogs. 2. It shows the harsh world due to industrialization that was deadening. And goes to an emotional state portarayed in this painting. (romantic) 3. This painting had a lot going on in it that caught my eye. I don't really like this painting, it has negative vibes.
1. The painting is of a sunset in Vevey, Switzerland. 2. This picture captures the moment of the sun setting. It looks very realistic like a camera took it. (realistic) 3. I think the painting is very pretty. The sunset looks so realistic like it makes me feel like i'm at the beach watching the sunset. I like this painting a lot because of how peaceful and beautiful it is. I'd hang it on my wall at home.
1. The painting is of pink and red blossoms of a new water lily species artificially created. 2. You can see the brush dabs and strokes of the unmixed colors. (impressionism) 3. I chose this painting because I thought it was very peaceful looking and the bright flowers were catching my eye. I like it because it is very pretty and relaxing.
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