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Flashy Fancy Renaissance Men

A. He is wearing armor so I can tell that he is a knight or soldier. He might also be wealthy. B. There is a young boy in the background hugging the man's arm. I think that means he is a father. The background is black and the painting is dimmed and dark. That tells me that the child is hugging his father because he might be going to war. C. The artist wants to make you feel empathy for both the father and his young son because the father is about to head off to war. They don't know if he will make it back alive and see each other again. D. Alfonso would've been in the nobility class because he would've been a knight or soldier. I can tell that he is brave and cares about his child. He looks like he likes to serve for his country.
A. He is wearing fancy clothes made out of different materials. He might be a wealthy merchant or tradesman. His hat also hints towards a tradesman because it looks like a sailors hat. B. In the background there is a green curtain. That tells me that he is in some kind of resplendent building or castle. C. The artist wants you to think that the man is wealthy because he is showing off his nice clothes and necklace for the portrait. He dressed up to look elegant for the painting and didn't wear normal, ordinary clothes. D. Sir Thomas More would be in the merchant class because he was probably a merchant or tradesman. It looks like he cares about his job and the money that he earns from it. He looks like he is self centered or cares a lot about himself with all the fancy clothes that he has.
A. He looks like a wealthy man and maybe royalty because he is wearing different, decorative materials including fur and silk that look expensive or of high value. B. The background tells you that he only wanted himself in the picture and nothing else. That shows that he might have been rich and egotistical. C. The artist wants people to think that he is very wealthy because of his showy facial hair and clothes. The artist wants you to think that he is egocentric because he probably spent a lot of money on his hair and looks. D. Philip was probably part of a noble family and his job might of been a land owner or horse farmer. He looks very smart and egotistical with his fancy facial hair. You can tell he was probably very wealthy from the clothes he is wearing to his manly hair.
A. This man is wearing armor so he was probably a knight. I think he is wealthy because he has gold on his armor. B. The background looks like the inside of a castle so he is probably in a rich man's house or castle. C. The artist wants you to think that this man is very honored to be a knight or soldier and serve his land because his portrait was taken with his armor on and holding a sword. D. Pippo is a very dedicated soldier determined to protect his land and people. He would've been part of the noble class. He looks like he cares a lot about his job as a soldier and can tell he's passionate about it. After all he got a portrait if himself in his suit of armor!
A. He is wearing a robe with a red cross-like shape and has an amulet around his neck. That makes him look like a very religious person. He probably practices Christianity from the red cross on his shirt. B. There is a green curtain in the background. That probably means that he is inside an elegant church or castle. C.The artist probably wants the viewer to think that he is committed to his religion and that it is a big part of his life. It's everywhere from the shirt and robe to the amulet and the folded up scroll or paper. D. Francisco could've be a priest at a catholic church. He cares deeply for God and his religion. He is always connecting things with religion and is at church almost all day.
A. This man is definitely royalty! He is wearing decorative, lavish, custom armor fit for a king! It is decorated with gems, velvet, jewels, and gold. It has a sword attached to it. B. There is a fancy gold curtain in the background and a red and black pillar. He is most likely in his castle in what looks like the throne room. C. The artist wants to make you think that he is extremely powerful and rich because of all his elegant, decorative clothes, hat and sword. The artist wants to make the viewer feel surprised by his incredible wealth. D. Henry the VIII is in the highest class - royalty. He is clearly royalty because of is alarming wealth and clothes sparkling with jewels and gems and covered with silvery cloth and velvet. He is a king and from the painting I can tell that he is very arrogant and brags about his wealth from the look on his face and body language.
A. This man is most likely royalty or a very wealthy man. He is wearing an elegant fur robe that shows how much money he has. B. In the background he there is a red curtain and a castle. It looks like he is outside because of the sky and trees. This shows that it is probably his castle because it's in the background of his portrait. C. The artist wants to make people think that this man is powerful and wealthy. The clothes he's wearing signify the wealth that he has while the castle in the background makes you think that he possesses power and land. D. George looks like he is part of a royal family because of his clothes and scenery in the background. He might be a king or a prince. I can tell that he honors his place as a leader and landowner and looks humble and not boastful.
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