Elements of ARt Gallery

This artwork shows variations of lines, between the diagonals of the pillars to the movement lines displayed by the figures standing under them.
This painting displays various shapes such as circles, triangles, and many parallelograms. All these shapes converge together to form an abstract piece that is very unique.
This painting shows lots of three-dimensional movements and shapes. It's form appears as if the two men are carrying Christ out of the picture.
The space of this picture is very grand. Everything is focalized around the man in the middle and you can see lots of space around him and it separates him from his surroundings.
This photograph shows a wide variety of value and shows lots of contrast between certain parts. Like for example, the blacks of the foliage and whites of the buildings bring out the activity of the city.
In this painting the texture is brought out exceptionally well. The skin really pops out as being a realistic skin texture and the beard looks really realistic.
This picture shows lots of colors varying from greens to reds to yellows to blues. So it basically has all the primaries with some tertiary and secondary colors.
Credits: All media
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