amelia's ancient art institute   

You will be seeing all kinds of pots and cups and bowls and many other things

This is a jar that has a floral design and two handles. Ancient Egyptians would have put grains and foods in it.
This is a Vase with a Chevron design on it and it also has three handles. This would be used by the Pharaohs because they can afford nice things.
This is a jar with two handles made by clay. Ancient Egyptians put water in it.
This is a wooden jug that has a Paisley pattern on it.
This is a jar and it is made out of clay, it has Boat designs on it.
This is a blue cup and it has some of the Hieroglyphics on it.
This is a jar and it has Tubular handles, and it is made out rock.
This is a wooden Vessel and it has a animal design.
This is a medal bowl and it has incised Rosette on the base of it.
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