Natural Symmetry

I chose this vase of flowers for my symmetrygallery because the sides of flowers mirror each other, such as the large white lily which seems to be the primary subject of the picture.
Personally I really like this picture because it reminds me of architecture from Lord of the Rings, besides that I chose this pieces because of how one the top part of the picture seems to be mirroring itself.
I chose this piece to add to my symmetry gallery because of the repeating patterns amongst the grass, and the trees a bit as well
The Isle of Dread is another picture that looks close to nearly mirroring the other side of the picture, I enjoy the piece due to its emphasis on isolation.
While this piece is not the classical symmetry, there is a patten of the stairs repeating, this is just another piece I really enjoye for its message, being it can be lonely at the top if you choose the hard way up, at least that is how I interpret this piece.
This piece is in my gallery of symmetry because of its classical symmetric view, of just one side mirroring the other forming a complete picture for the viewer.
This is another piece that demonstrates the classical definition of Symmetry, I enjoy this piece because of the reference to the seven chakra's in a human form.
I enjoy this piece because of the art into the form of the water, as well as the semi symmetric pattern of the water splashing up out of the glass, moreso because of the art on the water than the symmetry though.
This is another example, such as the first piece, of natural symmetry in the coloration of the flowers and other flora in the scene.
This piece is a bit of a break from the previous examples of symmetry, this piece's symmetry lies in the main black rectangle of the picture the repeating lack of ink forming the lines.
This piece I originally took for something else, I first saw this piece as an air view of an ocean, with a whale swimming through the main part of the frame, only its blowhole above the surface with flocks of gulls, though upon closer inspection I was clearly mistaken, the symmetry in this piece lies within the clouds.
This is yet another form of natural symmetry, the symmetry would lie in the branches and leaves of the trees.
This piece I enjoy for the abstract taste, the symmetry lies in the octopus like clouds as well as the twisted and curving road.
In this piece the symmetry is there but played with a bit, instead of two perfectly intact shipyards we have one looking pristine with the other in ruins.
This final piece I enjoy because of the patterns of the dragon all around the picture as well as the symbols thrown in with the twisting dragon.
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