Gallery of Lines: Moamin Asaad

This is an image of lines colored blue. As the lines go down the page straight down,the lines get thinner and thinner. So the artist used THIN lines in this image.
This is an image of two fishes I don't know which kind. One of the fishes is light colored, the other fish is dark colored. Towards the end of the fishes body it is curved so the creator used CURVED lines to draw this image.
This image has lines of different colors and in different sizes. The lines are also going horizontally across the paper. So the artist used HORIZONTAL lines to draw this piece.
This image has some sort of paper or probably aluminum shaped as a rectangle. The color of the material is black. There are also vertical lines on the paper. So the artist used VERTICAL lines for this piece.
This image has lines going across the walls with pieces of wood on the concrete floor. The lines seem like they are diagonal and touch each other at every point on the wall. So the artist is using DIAGONAL lines
You can see that the artist has only a lady in this painting so we can FOCUS only on that particular person as if the artist wants us to know who is this person in the image. Another thing is the artist has the lady in the image focusing on one thing which is what she is painting.
You can see that the image has a circular objects with something coming out of it. The artist wants us to know that this is a texture kind of painting because the artist has black lines coming out of the circular object. The author made this is a TEXTURE piece.
You can see in this image that lines are sort of all over the place. There is a big piece under the art holding it. This art has an outline so the artist used CONTOUR lines.
You can see in this image full of lines with shapes in them like triangles and squares. If you zoom in you can see a big square surrounding the artwork in it like the triangles that are trying to represent flowers. The artist uses CONCENTRATION in this art piece.
You can see in the image there are lines and five swans. The lines are very thick. The thick lines in this piece could be the trees and then the river or lake the swans are in. The artist uses THICK lines in this art piece.
Credits: All media
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