The use of blue as tranquility in art

The color blue adding tranquility to art. These pictures contain the color blue used in pattern, variety, unity, balance, and more. I hope you enjoy!

Blue adds to the calm nature of the spiral. The color and shape complement each other.
Water is tranquil, the shades of blue calm the viewer.
The different shades of blue contrast each other providing a dramatic split in the ocean water. It is pleasing to the eye.
The contrast between the coral color of the leaves and the blue of the sea is beautiful here. I find it to be a really uplifting piece.
This bowl is shaped like a water drop hitting water. Water is tranquil and blue is calming so this piece is naturally going to set a comfortable mood.
The blue of her dress and the blue of the sky make her seem "ghost" like. Its a whimsical scene.
Another body of water to start the mood of feeling calm. The blue stripe in the women's hat provides unity of color in the painting.
There is unity with blue in this picture. The folding wall and her dress bring the picture together. The contrast with the yellow makes her stand out even more.
This picture has some rigid shapes that can be a more anxiety prone reaction to the eye. The use of blue in this picture makes the rigidness of the shapes to be less aggravating. 
There is a scale of blue in her dress which has rich color. I think this is just a stunning piece. 
I find this an interesting piece. The color and condition of the sky mixed with the roaring waves makes it a harsh looking scene. The use of blue here may not cause calmness and tranquility, but instead, intensify the harshness of the mood. 
Blue acts as a meloncholy mood in this picture. It is almost slow paced because of the "sadness." The orange is a great contrast to the blue.
The walls look like waves, organic shapes that calm the viewer.
The blue provides balance to the yellow on the opposite side. The picture is broken up nicely by the white rectangles. The two shades of blue provide variety. 
The blue really displays rushing water. The variety in color gives depth to the water.
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