Charly's value gallery

This image shows high contrast because of its dark and white transition. Most of the image is black and towards the bottom it is white.
This image shows low contrast because the image is blurry. Its sort of fading away as it goes up to the clouds. And there isn't a huge transition from dark to black.
This image shows the value scale because you can see the transition from dark to light. It has a smooth transition as well.
The image here is distribution the black and white evenly because black isn't dominating the image as well as the white. So therefore, this image represents balanced value distribution.
The black in this image is domination most of the image and the greys and whites berely show. Unbalanced value distribution is being shown in this image.
This image is volumetric value because it is a 3d like shape. A sphere is shown in this image.
The face of this lady has shadows within her face, therefore it is showing attached shadows because the image contains shadows.
Shadows of the people are casted in the background and not the objects. It is showing cast shadows.
The objects that are close to the image are clear. But the objects in the back, look blurry, kind of fading away from the image.
In this image, there is only one light source that is within this image, and because the background is dark, it is considered chiaroscuro.
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