The Walls for the soul - (Jack Marinangel)

In 2014, two art-driven revitalization projects of artists called The Coachella Walls and Cali Walls started their mission in the Coachella Valley. Their overall goal was to bring their artwork into poor communities where they believed it could give a sense of uplifting to those living there. The wall paintings all share a few different characteristics such as vibrant colors, expressing art/music, and including cultural life within the paintings. My gallery will include photographs taken in 2014 of the different artists completing their work in the Coachella Valley.

In this photograph an artist from one of the organizations is working on one of his wall paintings. The painting is of a man standing in front of a blue car with a very bright yellow background. I believe the artists decided bright colors would make their work much more noticeable in the community and thats probably one of the main reasons why they choose to use them.
This vibrant wall painting of a man playing a guitar is probably of my favorite paintings in the gallery. The artist expressed the importance of being creative by depicting music within his painting. He also drew to the cultural concept by giving the guitar a latin type of look along with the male wearing a jacket similar to what a guitarist of a miriachi band would wear. He also used a very bright orange color for the background which really makes the painting pop and grab your attention.
The artist in this painting once again used an expression of art/music within his work. This skillfully done painting is a part of a drum kit that has a males hand resting on one drum. The artists used a vibrant orange stripe through the drum kit which is a similar characteristic to the other wall paintings done in the Coachella Valley.
This wall painting is of a male with a blank face. Although the male looks blank, the art work done on the lines on his face are very bold. The artist used bright white lines on his eyebrows, cheekbones, and chin to give his face a defined look to it. The artist also used a vibrant yellow color background to make the face pop out on the wall to viewers just like many of the other artists in Coachella did that year.
In this photograph, an artist from one of the organizations is working on his wall painting. Although it is tough to tell what the whole artwork is, we can see similarities to the other paintings done in 2014. This artist also used a bright yellow background for his painting which is a technique known to be used for the artwork done by the organizations.
This photograph of a hand is a small detail of a whole painting I discussed earlier. The artist decided to use a bright orange color to draw in the bone lines of the mans hand. We still can see the similar theme of bright colors within the small details of each painting done in Coachella.
This wall painting is titled "The Anonymous Farm Worker". The painting is of a male who is native to the Coachella Valley. In the photograph, he is standing in front of the wall painting that is a profile view of himself. The artist drew to the cultural context of the valley as well as using vibrant shades of red and orange in the mans face to make his expression stand out to the viewer.
This is probably one of the most interesting wall paintings done in the gallery. It is of a pair of hands holding a purple heart. One of the interesting things done in this painting is that the hands were painted to have a heart-like covering rather than regular flesh. The bright colors of red appear in the hands to make the feel "heart hands" noticeable to the viewer.
This photograph shows an artist finishing up his wall painting in the Coachella Valley. The wall painting looks to be a pretty simple square and rectangle wall covering, but thats something the organizations wanted to accomplish as well. They wanted to spread color around the town to bring a sense of uplifting which can still be accomplished by these simple wall paintings.
In this photograph, we see the artist still finishing up his wall art. The painting is of two guys sideways on the wall. The work done by the artist makes it almost look like the guys are "floating" on the wall. Like other artists in the valley, this artist used a vibrant colors to define important features within his painting. He used a bright blue and pink for the two guys shirts as well as using bright white lines to define the jacket for the guy on the left.
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