This gallery contains various art representing nature in its true color and texture. There are many principles of design present and formal elements. This gallery shows all and tells all. 

This work of art is located on a street wall, there's a lizard along side purple mushrooms. This brings much attention for it's bright colors chosen. The colors communicate and compliment each other. They also have some type of movement illusion.
This street painting is very interesting, the main focus is the butterfly inside its cocoon showing its natural state. On the wall the surface seem to be smooth from the far angle its being seen from. The brick wall does seem rough though, and it combines great giving us the illusion that this art could be smooth.
This piece of art is a repetitive pattern form of art. It has a bumpy texture which makes the plants/ forrest real looking. Which is the point of art. The green color really stands out on this art figure, it really goes well with the ruffle pattern
This painting is all over the place with colors and it is very fascinating the variety colors that were chosen. The flowers seem to be united. These colors set the viewer into a happy mood and relaxing state.
This painting is of nature standing still. The colors chosen light and dark communicate well with each other. The texture of the flower seems to be very smooth, the white pedals with an inner maroon color fits well.
This bird painting has a very smooth texture on this type of canvas. The leaves seem so smooth and silky. The birds feathers don't seem rough. The texture causes the illusion of the bird being in third dimension.
This painting of ancient ruins seem to be in three dimensional space. It causes the illusion that the painting goes further than you think. The colors are what seem to be opaque. It causes the painting look old but very interesting because it depicts the actual ruins.
This piece of art would be considered united. It creates a sense of completeness. The colors chosen also compliment one another, making the painting stand out. The painting seems very organic and static since its flowers and standing still.
The canvas painted has the right proportion size, it creates a sense of realism. The color saturation use compliments the painting well. It has a variety of stuff occurring in one place. The nature stands still. The olive green color puts focus on the tree beside the bay.
Credits: All media
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