Street Art

This gallery is a collection of street art from different countries throughout the world. I see true talent and enjoy these masterpieces very much.

This is a piece made by the artist's that go by the name of the Broken Fingaz crew. They are very talented and make pieces of art like this one through the streets of London.
This is yet another piece from the artist Malarky. He has created several pieces of art that have been seen by several thousands of eyes. If someone does not believe that street art is art, Malarky will prove you wrong.
This art piece is by Malarky in the streets of London. I really enjoy this piece and believe it is one of my favorite pieces of street art.
This is a piece of art in the streets of London made by Pablo Delgado. Despite the arts small size. The paintings have been very depictable and it sets Pablo apart from all the other street artists.
This is a piece of art also in the streets of London made by ROA. He is very detailed in his works and makes paintings very different than everyone elses. He brings a different style into his paintings that most street artists do not use.
This is a piece of street art in London that was created by the artist RUN. None really understands what the artist was trying to show or express but it just makes the art just that much more interesting.
This is a piece of art by Maumau at the Bratislava Street Art Festival. He depicted a party setting in this painting to bring more of a younger crowd to enjoy one of the any pieces of street art he has completed. Also in the picture is Maumau himself!
This piece of art is made by C 215 in the streets of Rome. It is very well known in Rome and depicts a very detailed piece of art of a Cat. C 215 has hundreds of art pieces all around the streets of Rome for many to see like this one that are very interesting.
Credits: All media
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