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By: Rihua Chen

"Gold-seekers dig over much earth and find little gold." (Heraclitus, fr. 8) Availability of gold? Non-existent on earth for it being highly exploited. The real gold, however is in the un-exploited.
"The sun is new every day" (Heraclitus, fr. 32) Similar to streets, every route we take will lead us into a new direction. Every detour one takes will be a whole new experience.
"Heraclitus, fr. 52" Some people see breast feeding good, some perceive it as bad. Everyone has a different taste, and legitimate reasons to go for or against the reasons of breast-feeding in public.
"The dry soul is the wisest and best." "Heraclitus, fr. 74" Those who live a simple life is wisest. Why go through a vigorous life when living simply is sustainable.
(Heraclitus, fr. 113) Sometimes the things we use most often are the things we cherish most. Unable to let it go. Sometimes the old are just irreplaceable. Old is better than new.
(Heraclitus, fr. 105) No matter what kind of passion a person has, either it makes money or just someone doing what they love to do, that is worthy of a mass celebration.
(Heraclitus, fr. 39) Everything on earth is a cycle. The Earth revolves around the sun, seasonal temperatures, harvesting months, blossoming trees and flowers. We are in unity with our surroundings.
(Heraclitus, fr. 48) Many people believe the ocean to be uninteresting for it being a void. That is not true. The ocean is teeming with life. Humans have only explored so little of what oceans have.
(Heraclitus, fr. 22) We can observe a continuous interactive cycle in our everyday things. Books and trees are great example. Without the tree/plant being in existence the books would not coexist.
(Heraclitus, fr. 29) No one is above the law. In order to have a society where everyone feels equal in status, everyone has to obey the law and live by it.
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