A gallery of a variety of color schemes. 

The artwork is an example of a primary triadic color scheme because the color being used are yellow, blue, and red. The piece also uses the values of black and white.
The starry night is an example of a secondary triadic color scheme because it uses a large variety of purple, orange and subtle hints of green in the artwork. For example the houses have a bit of green on them and the moon has orange in it, and the background uses different shades of purple.
This piece is an example of a tertiary triadic color scheme because of the fusion between colors creating Red-Violet, Yellow-Orange, Blue-Green.The colors mix into each other creating an ongoing color scheme.
This is an example of a triadic color scheme, almost exact to the primary triadic color scheme, the only difference, the tiradic color scheme can have more than one combination of colors. For example, red, blue and yellow; orange, green and violet; red-orange, yellow-green and blue violet; and red-violet, yellow-orange and blue-green.
This artwork is an example of a complementary color scheme. The use of purple and its parallel color, yellow, is used to create this piece. There are different values of the colors but still manage to be expressed as a work of complementary colors.
This piece of art is an example of an analogous color scheme because of the use of blue, blue-green, and blue-purple. The three colors sit next to each other on the color wheel and are used in this piece to create a body of water.
This piece is an example of a split-complementary color scheme because of the use of pink in the background, the green that makes up the trees, and hints of orange in the ground and around the trees.
This artwork is an example of warm colors. The different shades of red, yellow and orange in this picture give it an inviting feel to it and uplifting mood.
This art is an example of a cool color scheme. Te blue and purplelish colors bring it a bit of a brought down mood and quickly express an uninviting place. It gives of a mysterious troubled mood.
This artwork is an example of a monochromatic color scheme because this piece uses different tones, shades and tints of the color blue to create a type of hall. There are darker blues as well as light blues around the piece.
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