Artists have always tried to mimic expression through art. I have put together 5 different arts/sculptures from different artists that depict expression in different ways. In the first piece, the faces are blank while the the the postures of the silhouettes suggest a chaotic environment. Different human emotions can be drawn here, towards the darker side. Interesting how one method of depiction can inspire many. The second and third pieces are Japanese paintings of a girl and monkey, both poignant and light-coloured. The spiritual and contemplative nature of the Japanese is seen here, seeking to express more in simplicity. The fourth is a painting of an Arabic god in blue, with red flames in the background. It seems that the God is at peace within while dealing with Life that is volatile on the outside. The last piece is a sculpture from the 600-900's seem to show a warrior or worker from its time. The art that artists create are always closely related to their own culture, and it was definitely interesting to see how we all see the world differently, telling our own stories through these works of intellectual commitment and creativity.

Credits: All media
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