Littlepianist's art gallery (melissa)

This is a collection of my favorite paintings. I picked landscapes of lakes and sunsets especially, because I find then peaceful and relalxing to admire.

I chose this oil painting because it is almost spring & on this cold day looking at this painting reminds me of summer. I especially like lakes & blooming flowers, this painting is perfect.
Most of the paintings of this gallery are about lakes and sunsets. I chose this painting because it is a lake and it seems medieval.I just love this painting, it looks just like a photograph. Perfect.
I chose this painting because I like paintings on strained glass. It is beautiful, especially when sun rays passes through it. Once again, the perfect, relaxing view of a lake and flowers blossoming.
Once again, this painting reflects the different kinds of paintings I like:sunset and lakes. I like the view from the top, like I am on a mountain and starring down at the lake.It reminds me of Canada
I love this painting. I especially like the sunset and once again I have this high view from where I am starring at the fishermans and the lake.
This is another sunset landscape! It reminds me of Tunisia. I have the high view once again that I particularly enjoy. I am closest to the cows, then the lake, then the trees, and finally the trees.
This painting is slightly different from the others:I feel like one part is missing,the bottom.So I try to imagine what it would look like at the bottom,first just penciling in my head,then coloring.
I chose this painting because since I watched the movie"Brave"I've been particularly inspired by Scotland and Stonehenge.I like the sunset in the backround.I think that this artist use 1 pt.perspective.
I love this painting, because of all those signatures on this painting! It makes me wonder so much, is it the same person, what do those signatures mean/represent? I wish I could add mine too. Again, we see a sunset!
I like this painting because it looks so real, just like a photograph. It makes me believe that I'm in it, that's what makes it so so realistic! Very few painters are able to do this, so that is why I admire this painter.
Another of my favorite classics: LAKES! The only thing I would recommend is to use darker tints because the color looks artificial. Otherwise, it's beautiful.
This painting is different. The lake seems further away from my view, but again I am standing on a higher surface than the middleground. I noticed that everytime I am viewing the middleground from a higher place.
I forgot to mention that I love beach landscapes as well. This painting may look simple at first sight, but for me it means so much more behind. Behind the scenes, I see a clean beach with a mountain. Makes me think of La Marsa with a view on Sidi Bou Saïd mountains. Maybe a future goal for Tunisia coatlines?
Looking deeply at this, I see an artificial water in the lake. It looks like those green-blue waters of vacation beach clubs. I've always know lakes for being more deep blue than that. It disturbs me, and "ruins" the painting.
The high view is less noticeable in this painting, but it is still visible to me. Things seem further away from me in this painting. It is beautiful.
Another lake, and this is one of my favorites. I like deep, dark colours, even for positive landscapes, even for sunny landscapes. the tints, tones and shades match and blend perfectly together. Amazing artwork.
This painting looks artificial, but I chose it because the colors do not blend together. I love to draw, and sometimes, just for fun, I purposely put colors that look awful together. And sometimes, it's still beautiful artwork. That's what the painter exactly did in this painting.
This painting, for some reason, makes me think of a forest in Heaven. There's a volcano on the far end, but it is extinct. I am standing in the jungle... I am falling into a dream.
Wow, this is my favorite of the favorites. I love this painting so much, I can't even explain why I chose this painting. I just... fell in love with it. You know when you love something/somebody and you can't explain why? My parents for example.