A world in Red

The color red has many interpretations for the one the individual feels or how we see things. Red can mean positive things such as passion, love, and beauty. But it can also mean the total opposite like danger, blood, and death. Red can make things pop right out and be louder than any other color. When in nature the color red speaks, we just have to listen.  - Luis Rodriguez

A branch of red flower pallets on the end of them. Displayed in the Korean Art Museum Association. The bright red really makes the doll picture light up.
This is a dark interpretation of what the color red can display. Looks like dead corpse walking in the middle of a forest. A dark tone, the living dead walking.
A woman in the middle of nature. Surrounding herself in a garden. But what I pay attention is her in red. Even though she is in the center of the piece, I feel like the painter wants us to pay more attention to her.
Looks like an person laughing at something. Perhaps at a dirty joke that he remembers. I feel like the red in this really makes his laugh seem a lot louder than usual.
A chandelier of flowers. Having nature inside of a home. In this case, inside the Korean Art Museum. The red can really bring the room together. Even when it's hanging down.
Right in the center of the picture, we automatically see red flowers that just pops right out. Even when it is out in the middle of nature, it makes the scenery even more happy.
Another example of a dark representation of red being used as a dark form of art. The man sitting on the throne seems to be the devil and people around it are serving the devil.
We have a tooth from probably a wild animal with the root will in tacked. Something probably happened if the root still is in tacked. The red can show the blood that is drying up and getting dark and darker.
A lonely red brief case is laying in the middle of a door of some sort. The word "Uruguay" on top of the door. Perhaps where this person is heading. The red of the bag, it looks like its going to be a happy trip
Red vase with the name called "ox blood." There could be a long history of why they call it ox blood. It can be a great center piece in a doll room. Adding things like flower to add some happiness in this dark vase.
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