The Beauty of Art in Colonial America

Throughout the 16th and 17th century, America fell deep into the art of portraits, still lives, and nature. As you go through this gallery, you will see the focal point of American life was the beauty of life and nature throughout the country. Art became wildly popular after the Classicism period in the 18th century, and became the period of art and appreciation of life and nature.

the center focus of the entire painting is the woman with her child and depicts the tranquility and sweetness of a loving family. Having the light hit just on them draws the viewer to look at them.
This a portrait of the United States of America president, making this art piece very important to the viewers, being able to see our past leaders throughout the ages. Using dark colors all but his face makes him very prominent in the entire picture.
With the furniture and the decor behind Washington depicts he is of high status, and shows he is intelligent and wealthy in some way. Also, by having his hand out it, guides the eye to look at what he is pointing out to the audience.
Even though she is a servant and peasant, she is depicted in a sweet and elegant way by the way she is sitting and playing with the kitten. Having her stepsisters in the back trying to look their best as they can be while she shows natural beauty shows utter elegance.
He has a very straight posture, showing he is confident and powerful. His expression also shows his self-conviction and determination.
The light shining on the picture of his wife illustrates what is most important to him, and what he cares about most. Darkening him brings the aspect of him and what he does nothing compared to the importance of whom he is doing all of his work for.
This picture depicts the serene and gorgeous flow of the Niagara Falls. It uses earth tones, which create kind of a soothing and calming feel when you look it.
The bustling city is no where in sight in this picture; its focal point is the greenery and forestation all along the Italian land. The natural beauty that could not be harmed or created by humans.
This is a self-portrait by Samuel F.B. Morse made in 1809-1810. In this painting, having the artist as the main focus wants people to know who is behind the paintings that have touched many.
Having these women in such elegant and sophisticated garments shows that they are of high importance
The colors coming from the left show brightness and vibrancy. Having the fruits all rolled over about shows the lifeless fruits.
Having the chinese bowl with the fruits in them depicts America's culutral influenced lifestyle. To have them in the dark shows that they are of little importance
having her in a locket frame depicts that is a small treasure. Red also depicts elegance and high importance.
With the person having only light on him shows him as the main focal point of the painting. Native American people were not usually painted, so this one is of much importance.
Having the light reflect on the lake shows pure beauty in itself. Darkening things all around it makes the audience pay more attention to it.
Them playing in the leaves depicts their natural habitat. It also depicts their playful expressions.
The still life of this birds depicts the importance of nature in this time. He show different stands to illustrate the beauty of the bird.
Benjamin Franklin was an important person in the United States History, and should be shown to the growing people and generations of our nations. The bust depicts his thinking and always alert expression, showing the true manner of Franklin.
It was carved in 1815 and depicts the infamous Christopher Columbus. Having the bust not painted and positioned to face you leaves some what of an eerie feel towards the audience.
The sculpture itself holds his expression forever in life. It provides the strong and determined attitude he had for the art piece.
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