Renaissance Women - Moments In Time

This gallery of paintings is a reflection of women who have impacted the renaissance era with their poise and beauty. Gallery Created by: CoQuesie Turner

This portrait of Constance Gabrielle Magdeleine Bonn exemplifies the poise and beauty of a renaissance woman. The balance of vibrant colors brings a soft and majestic perspective to this timeless piece.
Elisabeth Louise Vigee LeBrun created a masterpiece with this eloquent depiction of a studied woman. Her use of soft lines on the collar and cuffs of the garment is the perfect example of femininity.
The artist Edouard Manet's vision of a woman in nature depicted in this painting is statuesque. The various shades of greens are subtle, creating movement and contrast within the leaves on the trees. The technique used therein appears to be more dabbing than brush strokes. Simply genius for an artist of that time period.
This fun and whimsical rendering of a Bacchante with an Ape is full of life. Her love of animals is clear as she allows the ape to sit nearby and dine from a plate of grapes. It is apparent that they are listening to music, having lunch and in a state of laughter. The definition in her arms tells me that she is fit, probably loves to dance and surely loves music.
This regal red rendering of Lenora of Mantua speaks volumes of a well kept woman. The textures of every element in this piece is unequivocally mastered. The artist Valentine Cameron Prinsep was obviously a man who enjoyed the pleasures of a woman and the woman depicted was confident that she could get what we wanted from a man using sex appeal and persuasion.
This timeless piece entitled Flora by Tiziano Vecellio is a well crafted drawing of what appears to me to be a lady meeting her lover for the first time. It embodies the mystique of a female virgin in a mythological era. The rich hues and subtle tones in the image creates a well balanced perspective of the total piece.
In this "Portrait of a Woman" by Nicholas Maes, the model is reminiscent of a stately wife, one that is a lady in the streets and a little freaky under the sheets. One a gentleman would be proud to display on his arm for the world to see yet keeps him provocatively pleasured in private. Her eyes are captivating almost as if she is looking directly at you, which forces the viewer to quickly look away, in what i'd consider a respectful manner.
Lady Sunderland reminds me of the wicked stepmother. Although beautifully displayed in this drawing, artist Joshua Sir Reynolds captures her in all her glory as she stands alone, atop what appears to be a foothill overlooking nature. His use of colors and textures combined create a very realistic image of a renaissance woman.
This portrait of Lady Killgrew is the essence of a renaissance woman. She is the doppelgänger that one would imagine from her era of time. Her modest demeanor creates an ambiance in itself as she poses elegantly for the artist, Sir Anthony Van Dyck.
This portrait of Madame Bergeret could possibly be the quintessential image of every woman. She is regal, strong, resilient, fun loving, tender, sensual and feminine. The use of textures by the artist create a silky effect to the flowers as well as to her garment. The dark, yet colorful background allows her to be the main focus, which is what every girl should be.
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