Taking a creative look at perspective

The champ is here

Two point perspective and one point perspective are used here to display large scale.
In this painting we see perspective used to the mans right on the house it is also displayed in the background on the house.
I enjoyed this piece because it very basically displayed one point linear perspective.
I like this piece because its very complicated but the perspective in this piece is very simple it gives a nice contrast between difficult and simple.
This piece shows perspective in the way that it makes it look as if this painting goes on forever.
We see basic perspective displayed on the bed on the chairs in the room and then some very basic perspective for the room as well.
This piece explores basic two point perspective really well.
We can see the basic exploration of one point and two point perspective with the objects in the room and the room itself.
Very simple very basic color utilizes basic perspective overall basic piece that utilizes multiple art elements.
we see multiple points of perspective in this piece because the buildings at the bottom of the piece.
Amazing piece that uses basic two point perspective to make this church look massive.
Great piece that uses one/two point perspective to benefit the amazing painting.
Another example of a church piece making great use of linear perspective.
Credits: All media
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