Implied line The piece of artwork The Birth of Venus is an example of implied line. The angle in which the two people are at suggests that they are moving in space towards the center of the painting.
Actual Line The painting of George Washington is an example of an actual line. The line starts with George's head and follows down his arm.
Shape - Geometric This piece represents geometric shape. The pieces of the lion are put together by the rectangular bricks making the artwork as a whole geometric.
Shape - organic The Pink Orchard is an example of organic shape. The tree itself has a more natural occurring form rather than exact lines and angels.
Color - Complementary This piece of artwork represents complementary colors. The colors represented in this piece are red and green. The green background offsets the red shirt of the man and makes the painting have an equal flow.
Analogous Color The minotaur is an example of analogous color. The skin tone of the Minotaur is that of red and orange. the mixture of the colors gives the skin tone a more realistic view.
Arbitrary Color This artwork is an example of arbitrary color because the woman in the picture is a tent of green. Green is not a typical color of a person, therefore making this painting arbitrary.
Perceptual Color This artwork has perceptual colors, because the mountain in the background seem to be dark as if there is shade.
Illusion of Depth This painting by Maz Liebermann is an excellent example of illusion of depth. The diagonal lines that recede back into the painting make the piece seem to go back into space.
Positive/Negative Space The piece of art, Man and his Thought, represents positive and negative space. The statue in this artwork is the positive space while the negative space is the black background.
Actual Texture This scroll represents actual texture because the viewer can see the rigged, rough edges. The viewer can also see the folds and tears in the scrolls, thus giving the piece character.
Implied Texture This brilliant piece by Vincent Van Gough is filled with implied texture. The swirls in the painting seem to stick out and look rough. The texture of the clouds(swirls) makes them seem to be moving.
Monochromatic The photograph of Abraham Lincoln and his son Thomas represents monochromatic color. The figures are in black and white , and everything else is the same hue.
Hatching/CrossHatching The average viewer might not notice the hatching and cross hatching line if looking at the work from a distance. When looked at closely the viewer would recognize the lines.
Value-Chiaroscura The Forge represents chiaroscura value excellently. The figures cast shadows that the artist created by using value.
Pattern This piece of art contains a sequence of rhombuses overlapping the woman, thus making the piece have a pattern. The pattern adds to the piece and makes the woman seem to be standing behind a curtain of some sort.
Symmetrical Balance The jar that is on display here has symmetrical balance. The jar can be divided into two halves and be exactly the same.
Balance-Radial The piece Piedra del Sol represents a radial balance. The piece can be divided in any direction and all parts will be exactly the same .
Asymmetrical Balance The piece represents asymmetrical balance very well. As the viewer can see the left and right halves both include a man in red. The artist did this to make the piece have balance, rather than just one of the figures stick out more than the other.
Contrast This piece is an example of contrast, because the attention is drawn to the woman and the horse. The attention is made by contrast. The lighter colors are meant to make the viewer look at the certain area.
Movement/Motion As the viewer can see Hercules is raising his arm about to strike the beast. The artist is implying movement by doing this.
Emphasis The painting of the entombment of Mary illustrates the term emphasis well. Almost all of the people in the painting have their eyes turned towards the woman lying in the center of the room. The viewer automatically looks towards the middle because that is where all the attention is drawn to.
Scale The Resting Shepherd Boy is a scale of an actual boy. The boy is lifelike size, thus making this piece an accurate scale.
Proportions This painting as a whole has excellent proportions. The viewer notices that when going from left to right the figures get bigger. For example, the horses compared to the houses, and the houses compared to the mountains.
Repetition and Rhythm This rug represents repetition, therefore creating a sense of rhythm. The same patterns are repeated throughout the rug.
Unity The Moscow patio is an example of unity. The child that is pictured is closest to the viewer's eyes is unified with the buildings that are in the back. This unification is done by the pathway between the two.
Variety The Cathedral has a variety of colors, shapes,and patterns.
Representational This piece of art is representation to an actual place. The piece represents The Piazza San Marco in Venice.
Abstract This piece of art is an example of abstract art. The piece has no exact form and does not depict any object.
non-representational This piece of art is non-representational, because it does not represent a being, or a thing of the natural world.
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