i chosen this because the artist makes the wings look realistic by using dark and light to create texture. Even the background looks pretty good because the artist uses size different to show the focus point which is the swan
I like this photo because the artist used light and dark to form the shadow of the hand, and the best part of this art work is the glass ball cause it looks like you can see through. This art work looks smooth.
This art work looks simple but when you look at the flower you will see how much texture and light,dark the artist put inside. And the towel that cover the table show us the folded part by using light blue and white.
When you look at the art work you can see different values, for example"the skin colour and the hair". The artwork shows texture from the eyes and for the background it shows pattern .
The artwork shows tree with different values and the artwork shows texture from the house which looks like 3D. And this artwork looks smooth.
Credits: All media
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