Where did my innocence go?

Innocence is the lack of corruption. Innocence is where you are yourself and no one has influenced you in a major way. Innocence is seen in the life of children but children suffer a loss of innocence when they grow and become adults. This loss is illustrated in this art gallery. It specifically shows  hidden and alienated children. These children have already been corrupted by the adult world.

This picture shows an alienated person floating down a river. He is floating away from the corrupted world of adulthood where all of his childhood innocence will be destroyed.
This painting shows a coming storm approaching a peaceful island. The dark cloud represent the corruption of adults. They bring the darkness and distrust to children causing an eternal effect of no innocence
This picture shows a child riding a boat with adults. The adults are just dragging the child thru the water even though the child does not want to be. This is a clear example of an adult dragging a child thru life as they suffer a loss of innocence.
This drawing shows children among the work force of adult factory workers. These children are leaving the factory after working. They have lost their innocence and had to become a mature adult.
This picture shows a face hidden behind a mask. The face represents a child that is being over come by corruption and is losing their innocence. The mask represents the adults who causing this loss.
The picture shows two children with their parents. Sometimes parents cause the biggest loss of a child's innocence. A parents past may cause the children to follow in the same path and it may not be the best example.
The sculpture is of a baby. The picture shows a person childhood where they had innocence. This statue will always be a reminder of the child's innocence as it grows older and sees how corrupted the adult world is.
Credits: All media
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