Waves depicted through art

In this gallery I will show how waves are depicted through art can change our emotions.

The Ninth Wave is a painting done in 1850 by Hovhannes Aivazovsky. In this painting of a terrible storm one can see how the artist tried to create a sense of desperation by the way he painted the waves. The people in the painting seem to be lost and in search of way out. The sunset in the sky give us a sense of hope for the people to be found or discovered in this terrible storm. Life can be like a beautiful storm that sometimes takes us off course, but if we have hope and determination we will find our way out of the storm.
The Victory Returning from Trafalgar, in Three Positions was done by Joseph Mallord William Turner in 1806. In this painting we can see how the waves look very fierce, which gives the illusion that the artist wants us to think of this day of overcoming hardships like in battle. The sky looks stormy, which gives us the idea that it was a very windy day. The ships looks like they are in control and will survive the storm, which is an example of power and control. Overall the artist did a good job depicting the idea of hope and determination throughout the painting.
Shipping Scene from the Collection of John Chicheley was done in 1720. This painting is very dark and makes it seem like the ship may not survive in the storm. The clouds in the sky look stormy and make it seem like it is a very fierce storm to be in. The boat looks like it is about to tip over and the waves look very dangerous. Overall the artist did a good job of depicting the sad mood of the painting and make us feel a sense of sadness for the victims of this storm.
An Attack on a Galleon was done in 1905. In this painting we can see that the artist use bright colors to make the painting seem very vibrant and give us a sense of hope. The waves in this picture seem to be rather calm and give us a sense of determination. The sunset in the background gives the overall painting a sense of calmness. I think the artist overall did a good job of showing a sense of perseverance for the people in the storm.
The ships on a stormy sea was done by Ludolf Backhuysen in 1702. In this painting the waves look very fierce and dangerous. The ships look like they are about to crash and be lost at sea. The waves in the picture gives us an idea that the people in the people will probably not survive and it will be a sad day for the victims who die. Overall the artist used little color and more dull color that seem to appear gross to give the effect of a sad day.
The Barque "E.H. Duval" in a Storm was done by Fred Wettering in 1874. In this painting the waves look rough and give us a sense of desperation for the people who are trying to find there way back home.The sky look light,which gives us a sense of hope and determination. The ship looks strong and well built and looks like it will be able to survive the storm. Overall I think the artist did a good job of depicting the way it looks when their is a storm at sea and how there is a sudden feel of panic when you are lost.
Under the Wave off Kanagawa was done by Katsushika Hokusi in 1831. In this painting I think the artist did a good job of depicting how waves look in a storm and how we can look at life as a storm. A storm where we are lost, but if we have the determination and will power we are able to survive the storm. This picture is different than all the other pictures, because it look like it would be found in a comic book, but the detail of this painting is good and is found in many other forms of art today.
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