Elements of art and design

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In this piece there are no real straight lines. You can see how quickly these lines were put onto the piece. These are more abstract lines.
In this piece we have a mixture of organic and geometric shapes. The bigger shapes that makeup this piece are geometric. In the bigger shapes there are organic shapes that really give this piece deatail.
In this picture there is form that makes George Washington look 3-D. The shadows help make everything look real. The artist probably used contour lines to make it seem 3-D.
The value in this piece is pretty light. Nothing in this picture is too tinted except cor the bottom and some of the shadows. Even then the darkest value on this piece is probably only 5.
This texture is an implied texture. We can't touch it but I'd assume it would feel something like yarn. Nothing too rough.
In this piece there are many different colors. Some colors are very bold and vibrant lots no dark color scheme. These colors are positive colors that make the person looking at the piece feel happy.
In this picture there is a lot of space. I wouldn't say the space is positive or negative because the open space is blue. I would say it leans more toward a negative space because blue is dark.
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