Leonardo's art

Leonardo da Vinci was one of the most influential artist in our history. People all over the world look to him as a inspiration for there art. 

The Annunciation is a unique painting. It depicts an angel talking to someone.
In the Baptism of Christ the painting depicts Jesus getting baptized. The baptism of Jesus was major of his life and history.
Leonardo liked to draw people in all aspects. He was very detailed in his art of people.
Just like his detail of people he took it animals. His drawing of this horse is detailed to the muscles. You can see he put a lot of detail into the structure and physical features of the horses legs.
The detail he put into his drawings or paintings were spectacular. In the faces you can see he put many types of details.
Leonardo as you could see was very fond about the human anatomy or body. The drawing of the body was one he was very good at. This painting depicts the human body in detail
Again the detail to the drawing is very good. The man yelling you can the neck wrinkling and many types of other details.
The detail in the beard are very well done. Just as he put detail in the body he put details in every part of the drawing.
He lived in a pretty big city. He would travel and was pretty interested in his surroundings so drawing a detailed city was a part of his art.
For a statue he would create, he drew sketches to see what it would look like. The sketch is very detailed.
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