Women emotions in art

Paintings with Emotions of women being the focus.

This painting of a Tahitian woman seems to depict a woman who is content. I suppose she is in a market place waiting for someone.
Two woman are enjoying the music being played by a gentleman. It seems to be pretty basic cool colors with an exception of the gentleman who is in red. The Woman are happy and showing emotion which is the theme.
This simple painting shows a woman posing as her dog tries to get her attention. She seems to be nicely dressed so I assume she is rich.
A man is surrounded by his wives and children. This seems to be a family portrait. Although I'm not sure what the woman in the back is doing with the statue head. It also looks like rain is coming.
A woman looks to be mourning a loss, potentially at a funeral. She's in all black and holding a flower. This fits into the theme because she is showing emotion.
In this painting we have a lady who seems to be going to a formal event from the 1700's. You can slightly see her dress and head piece along with a flower.
The Virgin Mary in this is holding baby Jesus. He looks as though he is trying to crown her. Baby Jesus colors are basic, but virgin Mary expressive colors.
This picture here is my favorite of all. The lady appears to be reading a note that makes her cry. I'm not sure if it's tears of joy or sorrow, but the message is properly demonstrated.
This is another painting involving the virgin Mary and baby Jesus. In this one Baby Jesus is crowning Saint Catherine. There are many different colors in this one. None seem to have to do with the others.
Mrs Elizabeth is taking a walk with her two sons. The colors here are cool, the only warm colors are very faint. A common theme I'm noticing in paintings from this era is that the sky tends to be gloomy.
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