Alondra value gallery

This image is an example of high contrast. It's a good example because the background is all black and shows extreme difference in value from the black background to the face and makes the face bold.
This image represents low contrast. This image is low contrast because it uses a smaller portion of values from the value scale that makes it appear to be old and faded.
This image shows value scale because of how the colors fade from black to white. You can see this transition from the trees to the snow off in the distance to the white hills of snow.
This image represents balanced value distribution. There is an even amount of each color(black and white) used in the plate. They balance each other out.
This image represents unbalanced value distribution because there is more black than white. There is black in the background and in their clothes. The white is only used in their hands and faces.
This image shows volumetric volume/attached shadows. The boxes look 3D and not like a square. Attached shadows gave it that illusion to look volumetric.
Cast shadow is represented in this image. You can see the cast shadows on the right side of the image. You can tell that the light source is on the left side.
This image represents atmospheric perspective. The mountains in the distance are faded and the mountains closer are dark. It makes it look like the mountains are fading into the distance.
This is an example of chiaroscuro. This is a good example because everything that is lit is only lit by the light of the candle and everything else is black.
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