The Roundhouse - family and determination

Life has amazing qualities that can bring hope and happiness in one another. But there are also hard ships that can make someone have a negative output on the world. The Roundhouse by Louise Erdrich shows readers the hards ships and benefits family and determination can bring.

In the beginning of the Roundhouse. Joe's family had its own routine. All the actions the family did showed care, like the mother in this painting. There actions also seemed like it had its own place like the brush strokes on this painting.
When Joe's mother, Geraldine, was raped, she was like this statue. She had fallen down and was filled with black. She was dead on inside. She thought that she would never get better. Her hopelessness really affected her husband and Joe in a negitive way.
Reading the Round house is like entering a gloomy world full of nostalgia and melancholy. the person entering this gray world would be Joe. Everyone else that appears gray would be his family. It is only a matter of time before he is affected by his surroundings.
With a broken family, life seems lonely and dull like this picture. Joe is trying to solve the mystery in hopes that life would go back to how it was before. The chair facing the water symbolizes Joe going to the lake to find evidence.
Despite feeling lonely in a family, we are all close. The chairs symbolize Geraldine, Bazil, and Joe. They are together but they are all facing away from each other, having different point of views.
The world has many evils that are out to take out the weak. Symbolized as the sheep, Joe and his father stay determined to fight off the world to protect their family while they are down.
Life is like the water and the building is like a perfect world. The water is all nice and smooth seaming like a perfect world, but once bad weather comes along, the water is rough, disorientating the reflection. People, like Joe, would do anything for the water to be what it reflects.
Even when the goal (door) seam scary to reach, a person can get to where they want to with determination. Joe achieved something that is considered dangerous and nerve-wracking.
Family and determination is something that can change a persons future. Even with knowing that, a person could feel at the top of the world but they won't know what will come from the fog that can knock them down. Joe now understands that.
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