Lets go on a Treasure Hunt         Treasure island:              Robert louis Stevenson-          Docent: Aidan Magee

                                       Epigraph:                                                      TO THE HESITATING PURCHASER:                If sailor tales to sailor tunes, Storm and adventure, heat and cold, If schooners, islands, and maroons, And buccaneers, and buried gold, And all the old romance, retold Exactly in the ancient way, Can please, as me they pleased of old, The wiser youngsters of today: --So be it, and fall on! If not, If studious youth no longer crave, His ancient appetites forgot, Kingston, or Ballantyne the brave, Or Cooper of the wood and wave: So be it, also! And may I And all my pirates share the grave Where these and their creations lie!                        I believe that this epigraph was chosen because this book is all about sailors overcoming constant obstacles. Also it mentions maroons and the maroon Ben Gunn was a huge part of this book. 

I choose this piece of artwork becasue one of the main parts of the book centers around when Jim goes to the dock for the first time and meets the crew. He sees that his crewmates are suspicious looking drunkards that he infers are criminals or pirates.
I chose this picture becasue it shows the theme of my book. Treasure Island is all about pirates who want to find the treasure no matter the cost. I imagine the pirates faces looking something like the men in this picture... people desperate to get their fraction of the money.
I chose this piece of artwork becasue it shows the mutineers feelings about the rest of the crew during the voyage. They were just waiting for when everyone was least expecting it to strike and get away with all of the treasure. It also shows the tone becasue the whole book is dire and about people turning on one another like what is happening here.
I chose this piece becasue it shows the setting of my book. One of the characters in my book, Billy Bones, kept a log of their journey. It specifically mentioned 1745 as the year and this journal is from the 1740's.
This image represents my protagonist Jim Hawkins. This is trying to say that he is crafty and creative much like this artwork. Day In The Life: https://docs.google.com/a/ccpsnet.net/document/d/1RB1w3qBnnvcn3wePiJvenSHG8Jn1R_f1VefwV6gn1OE/edit?usp=sharing
I chose this artwork because I feel it resembles Jim. I feel this because this kid was playing with toys and Jim had only experienced what he did on the trip such as pirates, cannons, and adventure when he had an imaginary world with his toys. Also this kid looks like he wants to be a sailor much like Jim.
I chose this picture because I feel that there is a connection between the protagonists in Treasure Island and The Jungle Book. I feel this because both of the charcters are in a different world then they came from. Mogli is lost in the world of the jungle and animals. This is a world he hasn't experienced before. Jim is stuck in a world of backstabbing Pirates which his mother always told him to avoid.
This represents Jim becasue of how we rules with an iron fist even though he is small Mandala: https://docs.google.com/a/ccpsnet.net/document/d/1RjHwpmKZNOF-sIEnYV8Rbnf9rZwYyql11KaK1aJoliI/edit?usp=sharing
Credits: All media
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