I chose this picture to show the home of a well off person in traditional China.
Confucius was an influential Chinese philosopher.
This to me, shows traditional dress of Chinese women, the point of white makeup was to prove that they stayed inside and did not work. The smaller and paler, the better.
This shows Chinese characters.
Porcelain came from China, hence the name "fine china".
Buddhism is a major religion of China.
A pagoda is a multi level building that was very popular in South Asia.
I picked this picture to demonstrate the dynasty system. Dynasties were based on families, depending how long that family stayed in charge.
This shows a traditional kind of Chinese painting.
I found this extremely interesting. This is an anti-footbinding badge. Footbinding is the practice of forcing a women's feet to become and appear smaller. This was a traditional practice that was very dangerous and unhealthy.
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