Works of art and architecture i would like to see in person

Katherine Diener 

Andy Warhol is one of my favorite artists. This art is different from the rest but yet, very unique. It's formal elements shows a wide verse of 3D imaging. With this media being pop art.
The colors in this painting are quite vibrant. It shows the contrast between the little mermaid and her being in the sea. It looks like Chihiro had used watercolor for most of this art piece.
This is one portrait I would love to see in person. The colors of the flowers are incredible. Ruysch had to use a mixture of paints and oils within this portrait. This portrait gives a bright but also dark vibe.
Los Angeles is someplace I have always dreamed in visiting. Mainly for the art that is brought through out Los Angeles. Murals are one piece of art that is very fascinating. It shows an image that could have endless possiblites. I love the colors and how vibrant they are in this mural. David Flores really shows how abstract art can be.
I love this portrait of Niagara Falls. It's one place I truly hope to visit someday. I really like how the portrait really brings out the realness in the photo. It looks like it's a photo that has been taken out of a magazine and portrayed as a painting. The colors are so detailed. Even the people along the edge. When looking at this photo it really makes you think you are actually there.
Credits: All media
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