Wolfgang Lettl's Surrealism: Bold Hues Exhibition- (Tyler Silveira)

This gallery portrays the art style of Surrealism through the artwork of Wolfgang Lettl, and his profound strokes of bold colors embedded within these oil paintings. Surrealism is when the imagination of an artist meets his unconscious mind, and simple concepts or images become askew in their work. In most of Wolfgang's art, the viewer's mind is meant to wander across edgy lines, twisted shapes, and accents of bold hues. - (Tyler Silveira)

The oil painting before you depicts an image of a labyrinth riddled with a never-ending stairway. The Trial has many twists and turns, with many people coming and going. The bold hues of purples and blues draw the viewer's eyes to segments of stairways; fashioned with no beginning and no ending. The void-like clouds that are accented with bold yellows and purple, create space and a sense of depth in the painting. There is movement along these mysterious stairways adorned with the legs of people walking, and the grim feeling of where they may end up.
This painting depicts a well-dressed man that is seated in a black chair. The bold pattern of the walls with blues, purples, and pinks creates movement around and over the man's head. This repetitive mural brings emphasis back to the mirror-faced man, adjusting the viewer's eye to the man's third eye can cause somewhat of a spinning sensation. Following the surreal lines of the man's legs with the left couch cushion, the viewers will question if they are drunk or was the artist?
In this painting, the sky emulates negative space around the split, hollow sailor. There is movement split right and left, from the wheels that fade seamlessly into red chords. Containing a mix of delicate thin lines with bold red color represents how wispy and whimsical it appears. You can't miss whats going on with the red color, but the thin strokes and cool colors in the background help maintain the non-chalant nature of this piece. There is a good sense of depth and height as the cool blues and greens have an array of values along with the different sized, shadowed clouds. This gives it a sense of time and space seeing the blues get darker as you go up and lighter to greens as you go down. The repetition of the clouds among the background gives a sense of movement and height.
High intensity, bold flames are the emphasis that erupts from the naked, headless woman that's sprawled in a nonchalant manner. She lays on a floating sofa contrasting against a softly textured sky of smooth blues, greens, and reds. The strong lines among the bold hues of the flowers creates a sense of space and asymmetrical balance among the two bleak men. The man in all black is proportioned bigger, which gives the viewer a sense of depth with a third-dimensional perspective.
Is it possible for a varied form of organization to exist through the abstract addition of completely random shapes, or elements? The subject matter is an oblique tower located on dry-textured, desert rocks. The repetition of these rocks gives the viewer a sense of depth, in relation to the tower being desolate and in the middle of nowhere. The main emphasis is that of the tower, that is oddly situated by the shapes of squares and rectangles. The bold yellow blanket is draped across the sleeping man; contrasting with the skylight, and moving the gaze of the viewer always upward.
This art piece represents the lust of knowledge and the relativity, of the young spun around in the stories from books. The bold red caps of the kids are a main point of emphasis, moving the viewer's gaze around the pivoting heads. A different proportion of the heads and even the legs create a circular motion. The bold, primary color adds a rudimentary feel and makes the painting seem playful. The floor and shadow shows that there is a large amount of negative space around the tangled readers.
In this grim prison setting, a prisoner is emphasized in the center as an ill-structured rooster. The bold colors; especially the reds, purples, and blues, draw movement over the stretched out lines of the prisoner. The hardened texture of the prison walls and floor pictures this place as a melancholy view of timeless torment. There is an asymmetrical balance among this painting, touching back upon the theme of towering prison walls and the viewer's gaze searching for a sign of escape.
This painting envisions a man's recollection through frames or memories, of a time like now and the now. The man seems to want to view the house tied to his own importance, but the viewer can see the man's struggled attempts with his arm outstretched. The bold white of the frame-like doors draws the main emphasis of the viewer, and then scatters that gaze towards the bright orange cats, and the bold blue skyline that cradles the yellow skylight. The sky creates a lot of space and questioning for the viewer, towards what the significance of the house is. The soft purple draped upon the fence makes all of the other hues in this painting pop around the introspective man.
With the treacherous skies moving in, the remnants of what was once a man has let go of his inner captivity, thrusting out a beautiful white bird held from within. There is movement around the shell of the broken man, he is surrounded by pale figures in boats, as they attempt to keep the bold waters calm. The stone-like texture of the man with solid, steel bars adds a saddening element to this piece. There is a radial balance around the broken man. The relief comes from the bold yellows of the sun that blankets the viewers' gaze, while they glimpse at the outstretched wings of the white bird that is finally set free.
This is not a normal field of flowers; nothing can grow in a field that is shrouded in war and famine. The main emphases are the tin funnels that seem to flourish yellow flowers, contrasted against the dry and blackened ground. There is a radial balance in this painting, and the smooth sky in the background creates a large amount of space and depth. He adds variety by incorporating a fallen flower of bold yellow, which leads to more movement of the viewer to uncover a pair of lips floating behind the funnels to the right. A viewer can pick out that the varied proportion of the funnels and flowers added the final touches of depth to this masterpiece.
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