African American and LGBTQ: The history of equality 

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Homosexuality was considered a mental illness and something that was required to be treated. People were harshly discriminated and were fired from the military and their jobs. An event called "the lavender scare" was a "purging" of any LGBTQ members from any federal government job.(Timeline: Milestones in the American Gay rights movement)
December 15, 1973 The board of the American Psychiatric Association votes to remove homosexuality from its list of mental illnesses. This was a huge changing point in the LGBTQ showing that their cause was not wrong. (Timeline: Milestones in the American Gay rights movement)
The goals for the LGBTQ changed with each success. The first goal was to stop being gay a mental illness (which they later achieved). Another goal was the legalization of gay marriage in all 50 states. Lastly, their ultimate goal is for all people who identify in the LGBTQ community to be socially accepted and not be discriminated. (The End Goal of the LGBT Movement)
There were not defining leaders in the LGBTQ civil rights movement like the influential leader of the African American civil rights movements: Martin Luthor King Jr. But there are many individuals that make a difference in the movement. (Timeline: Milestones in the American Gay rights movement)
On June 26, 2015, gay marriage is legalized in all fifty states. The supreme court passes is 5-4. The biggest step and considered the final step of this group achieving their goals. (Gay Marriage Legalized)
The Civil rights movement began because of African American segregation. The goals of this group were to end segregation, achieve equality, and access to jobs and housing without discrimination. (The Civil Rights Movement)
Examples of the segregation African Americans were subjugated to are having to stand up if a white men/women wanted to sit down on the bus. Different entrances to various stores and shops. Also having different bathrooms (the colored bathrooms were in harsh conditions).
The African American civil rights movements had many defining leaders. Such leaders as Rosa Park and Martin Luthor King Jr. Rosa Park has been considered one of the reasons this civil rights movement started. Rosa was on her way home on the bus when it was demanded of her to stand up for white women. She refused and was arrested which led to the bus boycott of Mongomery. Which led to the supreme court decision of passing a law desegregating buses. (Rosa Parks: Mother of the Civil Rights Movement) Martin Luthor King Jr was a baptist minister who led the civil rights movement until he died of assassination during a speech. He gained recognition during his speech "I have a dream" during a civil rights gathering. He is considered the main and most influential people during this time.(Martin Luthor King Jr. Biography)
While the African American civil rights movement still exists today, they have achieved almost every goal they wanted to acquire. They can vote, have housing and a job without discrimination, and finally there is no longer segregation. The goals of this movement were ultimately achieved. (Civil Rights Movement)
While both the LGBTQ and the African American civil rights movement wanted equality they both did differ. The LGBTQ were never as harshly segregated as African Americans were subject too. The African American Civil Rights Movement did have defining leaders that changed their movement ultimately unlike the LGBTQ who there were a variety of people who helped. Another difference between these groups was that LGBTQ members were discriminated because of their sexuality and identity while the African Americans were discriminated because of their skin color.
While these two groups differed they also had things in common. For instance, they both wanted to not be discriminated for who they were and be socially accepted. They both also had a dream of equality that they both have, for the most part, achieved.
I personally feel that the African American civil rights movement was more successful than that of the LGBTQ. I believe that African Americans ultimately achieved more and gained all (if not almost all) rights that they set out for. I also believe that they achieved the most progress in a short time period.
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