Value Art Gallery

This image has high contrast because you can see the broad view of black and lighter colors in the artwork.
In this artwork you can see low contrast because you can see little grains or pieces of gray and black. You see small values and it has a faded look.
Value scale because there are many shade of the same pink. There are degrees of lightness and darkness.
Value distribution (balance) because there are equal amount of the black and white pieces.
Value distribution (unbalanced) because there is more black than white or another color in the artwork. This photo gives off a feel of mystery.
This artwork shows volumetric artwork because the 2D things look 3D in the artwork. It shows that there is room for the volume figures in the work.
This is an attached shadow because you can see the shadow of the apple. You can see the apples shadow behind it.
This is cast shadow because there is value that shows the space the tress take over or up.
This image has Chiaroscuro because there is a light focused in the middle and the dark background added.
Credits: All media
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