By: Taylor Norris Ms. Wilson's art appreciation. Praying for an A!

Implied line- The following work of art shows implied line by the direction the man on the right is pointing towards the top and directs your eyes. Also, the other people are looking as if it has their attention and wants the viewers attention as well.
Actual Line- In this art piece there are purple lines that separate the paths and the abundance of trees, but yet the paths connect into one.
Shape-geometric- This composition is full of different cols and shades of parallelograms (geometric shapes) to look like stain glass in a church.
Shape- organic- The clouds in the sky are natural, organic shapes. The clouds are not any particular shape or design.
Complementary color- The man to the right of Jesus is wearing a red gown with a green cover. These two colors are opposite to each other in the color wheel so they appear much brighter against each other in the painting.
Analogous color- In this composition the water has a purple tent to it with the darker blue spots to show detail or the waves. Blue and purple are next to one another on the color wheel in order to work together to add detail. Colors that are next to one another are analogous colors.
Arbitrary color- This art work portrays a green man with two heads in the far right frame that is clearly unrealistic or unnatural.
Perceptual color- In this art piece the grass and trees are green as usual but Cezanne added the blue into it. As we know grass nor trees are blue, this makes this perceptual color.
Illusion of Depth- This art work has shown depth by the angle of the rocks and how they turn to make a circular figure with the center open. The angle of the rock for example on the right side has a shadow as if it is behind another, that too shows depth.
Positive- negative space- The vase of flowers in this painting is the positive space because it is the main focus of the composition. The negative space is the background behind the flowers along with the table that the flowers are sitting on. This area is the negative space because it helps set off the visual of the flowers.
Actual texture- This statue has intense details; details that are strongly brought out by the touch and feel of the statue. By feeling the bottom section it looks to be rough but to touch the man in the art piece, he appears to be smooth and less rigid!
Implied texture- The road has details to make it look as if the road has grooves or tracks from the travelers before. The grooves and tracks would make for a bumpy road.
monochromatic value- This art piece is done is one color or hue but has different details because of the darkness of the color. As a whole the piece is one color.
Hatching/ crosshatching- In this drawing you can see the cross hatching clearly. For example, the man on the left has light cross hatching on his chest area and as it moves ** towards his neck the marks get darker and closer together to make a more definite shade of black.
Chiaroscuro value- In this drawing the mountains look three dimensional because of the dark shading on the top and the the way they get lighter towards the bottom.
Pattern- This art piece portrays pattern by the young girls dress in the red and white stripes that wraps all around her body.
Symmetrical balance- The portrait is symmetrically balanced because the man is the main focus of the piece and he is centered into the overall frame.
Radical balance- The circular, bright moon at the upper part of the composition is the first thing you notice and it sets the tone for the rest of the piece. The radical moon is the light for the ground below!
Asymmetrical balance- This incredible work of art doesn't mirror or reflect either side. Although they do not mirror it is still a great composition! This is my favorite art!
Contrast- The black and white composition is a great comparison of light and dark. The difference in the colors has made its own design without the intentions of doing so. The lightness and darkness is a comparison of shades.
Motion- In this piece there aren't many objects not moving. for example, the woman with wings in the very top left corner is hanging in midair as if she is flying. Many objects in this composition have wings and show movement.
Emphasis- This piece is a emphasis piece because of the dark shadowing of the hair and the dark back ground that makes the face and ****** expressions stand out even more. The hair made of snakes explains the expression but the face itself is the first noticeable object the eye sees.
Scale- The untitled work of art does not have the correct proportion. For example, the lying down face in the center of the piece is larger than the railroad tracks to the left of it. If it had a normal scale the head would be considerably smaller.
Proportion- While looking at this art piece the first thing I noticed is the size and height of the people as it moves to the back of the crowd. It correctly portrays the size as it goes deeper into the painting.
Repetition- The border along the top and bottom has a pattern to it that repeats over and over again until reaching each side. Although the bottom is faded, it still follows the repetitive pattern.
Unity- The Rowers express unity or working together by rowing the boat together. The men look as if they are working for the same cause which is to move the boat.
Variety- This still life has many different types of flowers. The many types of flowers have different colors and their pedals are different shape.
Outline- This art work has multiple objects in it but without the outline we may overlook one or two of them. The small white dish underneath the guitar is simply white like the paper or sheet below it . Without the outline of that dish it would of blended in with the white below and wouldn't of been seen in the piece.
Representational- This swan in this art piece resembles a real swan. It has the natural real features of a swan. For example, the webbed feet and feathers.
Abstract- This composition is called Painting with a Stick but by looking at it, someone wouldn't know that was the meaning. This is why we call it abstract because it doesn't express what it actually means.
Non-Representational- This piece doesn't reference the real world. The metal looking figure hardly looks like a person.
Role of Innovator- In this art work the men are putting together a building or temple that someone has designed in an idea. These men are making the idea a reality.
Contour line- In this composition the bikes are look clear but without the contour lines they wouldn't look realistic. Example, the wheels on the bike are circles for the outlines but the spokes on the inside are the contour lines that give the correct realization.
Foreshortening space- This art piece is foreshortening because as the eye moves toward the buildings in the back they get smaller to portray that they are father away from the stand point. If the buildings were all the same size it would just be a wall of buildings.
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