The essence of life

Chun Tien                                                                                         Life simply cannot exist without the existence of nature. This gallery displays the beauty of trees, which is a vital element of nature that allows life to occur on earth. Every artist included in this gallery has a different method of expressing their appreciation of nature. This can be seen with the abundance of variation in the creation of artwork depicting nature. The gallery includes paintings, oil on canvas, acrylic on canvas and pigment prints.                     

This painting by Sung Hun Kong depicts two standing trees that loos illuminated visually. Hun Kong clearly wants the viewers to see the beauty of trees as she puts emphasis on it by using unusual choice of colors that grabs the attention of the viewer. The colors that would normally not be seen in trees in the real world. Kong adds extra emphasis by strategically using a dark background to create contrast.
This painting by Casper David Friedrich shows the beauty of nature. Friedrich puts emphasis on the tree by placing it right in the center of the painting. The contrast between the brighter and darker colors used in the painting gives the painting a three dimensional feel. It also adds emphasis on the tree in the center.
This painting by Matumoto expresses the appreciation of nature in a very unique way. It displays the existence of trees in the modern setting to emphasize it's importance to humans. The use of a human figure, which is the main focus of this painting, is most likely used to facilitate what Matsumoto wants viewers to think. The trees line up perfectly in a line that leads the viewers eyes straight to the human figure.
This pigment print by Jeong-Lok Lee depicts a tree in a delightful fashion. It uses incredibly bright colors that glows upon seeing it at first sight.The use of the surrounding spaces the gradually turns darker also helps emphasis the glowing effect. The simplicity of white with gray shading to illuminate the tree gives it a angelic feeling. Through these analysis, it possible to determine that in Lee's point of view, trees are very delicate and beautiful.
This drawing by James Jackson Curnock shows the beauty of tress in its natural habitat. The contrast between the color used for the plants and trees can be seen. Curnock uses a darker green primarily for the trees while the the plants receive a brighter blend of green and blue. The darker color used on the trees could suggest that Curnock perceives trees as an ancestor in mother nature whose existence is vital for the well being of surrounding life. In this case, it is the "young" plants nearby.
This drawing by Jules Dupré depicts the incredible strength of 2 trees, as it is able to sustain it's well-being in what looks like a deserted location. Duprè purposely places the trees up close in order to make it the main emphasis of the painting. The background scenery is shaded lighter in order to bring the trees in close proximity to the front, which gives the drawing a three dimensional feel and adds emphasis. The colors used on the trees are also darker in comparison to the scenic background. Duprè definitely perceive trees as a powerful force in nature.
This oil on canvas by Song Hun Kong depicts pine trees in an unusual location. Kong's use of colors and space to put emphasis on the trees is very unique. As seen on the canvas, the tree is actually colored black and it is emphasized through the use of bright colored spacing surrounding the tree branch. Similar to Duprè, it is possible that Kong also perceives trees as a powerful force in nature.
This painting by Pastieri Shepard depicts the importance of trees, as it ensures the well-being of life on earth. The main focus of the painting is the bottom of the painting. The use of darker colors in this area in relation to the lighter colors used on the scenic view puts emphasis on this area. Shepard paints cows, sheep and humans in a social and relaxed state. This suggests that he believes trees are an important element for the well-being of life on earth.
This acrylic on canvas by Jong Gu Lee displays a big, old and magnificent tree. The tree is perceived as big because Lee allow the tree to project pass the canvas. There is very minimal space in the canvas, as most of it is covered by the tree. Lee's intention to make the tree look big in size suggests that he perceives trees as a magnificent and powerful.
Similar to Shepard, this oil on canvas by Charles Towne depicts the importance of trees to life on earth. The focal point of this artwork is the area located towards the right. It is brought out through contrast of the use of a darker color. The animals and the human being are also the focus, as they are also colored darker. Such analysis shows that Towne perceives trees as an essential element to the well-being of life on earth.
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