Women of the Streets -(Tori glaser)

This images are a representation of women empowerment. Each piece is from a different street/graffiti artist. Each woman is different and they allow the viewer a look into their era and culture. Many mediums are seen in the works of street art. All pieces demonstrate the capabilities of women throughout many different countries. All artworks included in this gallery are from the 21st century. 

"She is a leader of discovery" shows a young girl acting as a scientist. The girl, seen pouring a concoction, is the focal point of the work. The piece depicts that females are strong and can be leaders. Gender, age and race are irrelevant. The young girl and beakers are blue, the color of confidence, intelligence and stability.
"All Women have inside themselves a Heroine" has a bit of odd composition considering the work was done in what seems to be an old skate park. The Heroine seen in the piece had prominent features and what appears to be a feline on top of her head. The movement within in the piece can be seen through the purple circular pattern leading to the feline; drawing audiences attention to the heroine.
"Tribute to Frida" is a piece dedicated to the great and powerful Frida Kahlo. This piece speaks for itself because of Frida. The piece inspires women and artists specifically. Diego Rivera, said: "Frida is the only example in the history of art of an artist who tore open her chest and heart to reveal the biological truth of her feelings. The only woman who has expressed in her work an art of the feelings, functions, and creative power of woman." The vibrant colors and tear drop patter used in the piece showcase Frida's life and personality.
"Graffiti Collectif 2013 Tribute to Kijno" is one of many pieces created by a group called the 9eme Concept. A group of collective artists combine paintings, street art, music, collage and graphics. The rounded lines of the body give the impression of a female, as well as her facial features. Within her black outline/body are many vibrant colors and designs giving the piece and woman life inside.
"Melody of Spring" depicts a young, beautiful woman and a string-instrument. The light colors give off the spring feel as in the title. The woman's purple dress signals nobility and luxury. The colors and lines in the piece as well, symbolize relaxing and give the viewer a soothing feeling. The small white specs and flowers give the piece a dream-like feeling contributing to relaxation.
"Untitled" by Galldindie depicts a woman standing holding an Iron and stating, "Find yourself a boyfriend who irons for you." Will she is seen holding the iron herself contrasting her words, showing that her words are sarcastic. "Per la Mama" is seen in the bottom left of the painting meaning the woman is inspired by her mother. The piece showcases single motherhood and being powerful without a man.
"Dangerous Impermanence" is a collection of pieces by Stephanie Rond. This single work of art showcases two young girls holding hands with their backs turned. This is a common theme in Dangerous Impermanence, often symbolizing gender and social issues. This piece states "Thanks to impermanence everything is possible." The idea behind the work is to show women and young girls that anything is possible. Stephanie Rond stated, “The reason you can’t see their faces is because when I put them in the street it’s to combat the objectification of women and girls in advertising,”
"Untitled" by Milu Correct depicts a woman in the center of the composition of the piece. She is surrounded by two pink flamingos on both sides of her body, above and below. Pink Flamingos can symbolize many things such as beauty, balance, resourcefulness. The woman is also surrounded by falling red hearts playing cards. The use of only red hearts showcases love and the many cards surrounding can symbolize well-roundedness.
"Untitled" by Maline Suliman depict a young girl behind many harsh lines. The young girl is seen pulling at all of the lines surrounding her face. The piece is almost completely done in black spray pain besides the girl's seemingly flushed face. The harsh reds and orange seen can symbolize energy, war, power, danger, etc. The harsh lines that the girl is pulling at depict tension, aggressiveness and anxiety. This piece shows power in the girl behind the lines. She is clearly fighting off many things such as danger or anxiety and she is powerful.
"Alexandra Kollontai" depicts Alexandra Mikhailovna Kollontai, a Russian Communist revolutionary. She was the first as a member of the Mensheviks; she was the first women to have such a title. She was the ambassador of the USSR. She was a strong and powerful woman. In the piece, the typewriter states ”People without imagination are dry and boring, they live only half." The small details in black and white such as the roses symbolize the beauty in Alexandra as a person and her death.
Credits: All media
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