A comparison of movements

This historical analysis and comparison  was completed by a student of American History utilizing resources available through the Google Cultural Institute (GCI) and other internet resources. The origin of the source if not from GCI is given in respective captions and additional details are available upon request.

The African-American civil rights movement was an attempt to put an end to racism and segregation.
The Montgomery bus boycott is one of the largest examples of peaceful protest towards ending segregation.
Rosa Parks was one of the main reasons as to why the Montgomery bus boycott began.
Sometimes African-American protesters were harshly punished.
Many leaders rose up to help lead the movement. The most prominent leader was Martin Luther King Jr. His largest weapon was peaceful protesting.
The African-American movement and the Women's rights movement both suffered punishment in some way. Both made a difference in their lives and the lives of their descendants after them.
Sadly though many people lost their lives fighting for what they believe in.
The women's rights movement was predominantly for women to have more rights and more jobs etc.
One of the biggest pushes for this movement was the right women to vote.
Peaceful protesting was a big part of the movement.
Peaceful protests were conducted daily in front of the white house. The women would take shifts so it would be as if protesters were constantly there.
There were signs and buttons that were made encouraging the population of America to allow women to vote.
Women also wanted more job options. Before women were to just stay home and do work there.
In the end the women's rights movement was more effective as they have achieved their goal. Sadly racism and segregation still happens today.
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